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I Wonder What We Could Become

hand holding

I wonder what life might be. What we could create. What would happen if we felt all we spoke and took a chance. If we gave space to the potential we feel. If we allowed the vacancy to be filled. What could we become?

Your Happiness Is Up To You

Girl learning how to control her happiness

Stop blaming everyone else for your life. Life isn’t out to get you, you’re not a victim; there’s nothing special about you that the world conspires against only you. So if you’re happy staying where you are than own that- but stop blaming the world for your current reality.

I’ll Wait As Long As I Have To

I am tired of conforming. Of people changing, adapting, shrinking who they are to fit an ideal set by society. I don’t want to date ten of your friends; I want to know you- the you that is real behind closed doors, the you you are afraid to be seen.