The Truth Is, Sometimes Life Sucks, And ‘Positive-Thinking’ Won’t Change That

Nathan Lindahl
Nathan Lindahl

It’s the fake smiles and forced laughs. It’s the guilt ridden messages and hidden reactions. It’s the smug superiority and jaded texts. It’s crap and it needs to stop.

It’s the ‘everything’s great’ when your avoiding tears. It’s the ‘look on the bright side’ when darkness is needed. It’s the ‘I should be grateful’ when pity is serving. It’s crap and it needs to stop

It’s the self judgement; the guilty words; the avoidance; the discomfort; the ignorance. It’s crap and it needs to stop

In a world where there is always positives and negatives; highs and lows, it is suffocating to be surrounded by the constant push of positivity. No I don’t want to think of three things I’m grateful for when I’ve just lost a loved one. No I don’t want to look on the bright side when I’ve just experienced heartbreak. No I don’t want to smile when I need to release some tears. I don’t want to be positive every moment of the day- because I’m human and that is exhausting.

Life isn’t always rainbows

It isn’t always happy endings

A smile doesn’t fix everything

And everything we suppress needs to be expressed

Sorry to burst your positivity bubble, but it needs to stop

The truth is some days do suck

There is heartache




These are all real parts of life

And by suffocating under the weight of positive affirmations, we are not serving anyone – we are struggling to breathe.

Some days we just want to cry, and we need that. Through tears we can release what we may otherwise fester in our hearts. So please, let us cry.

Some days we just want to complain, and we need that. Through complaining we can vent and release the constant cycle of thoughts we are trapped in our mind. So please, let us complain.

Some days we just want to be angry, and we need that. Through anger we release emotions that otherwise can grow into something deeper and harder to release. So please, let us rage.

Some days we just feel off, and we need that. Through allowing ourselves to go with whatever emotion rises we accept both highs and lows in life. So please, let us feel.

We don’t need a guilt trip when we are feeling crummy already, we don’t need a forced smile when we are feeling fake already, and we don’t need yet another reminder of how lucky we are when we are feeling selfish already. Feelings are hard enough; don’t add a side of guilt with our dish.

There is too much pressure in the world to always be a certain way, let’s not add positive to the mix.

I’m not a negative person, nor am I a positive one- I just am a human with two sides; plenty of emotions and tired of being pressed for positivity.

So it’s crap, cut the positive chase and let us just be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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