Read This If You Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore After Your Breakup

You thought he was the one, didn’t you. You were a solo soldier for so long, miss independent, and then there was him. He made you feel a love you didn’t know was real.

You felt you were safe, comforted, secure. You planned out your whole future together, you saw it, all of it.

He was your whole world.

You felt truly…happy. His words could lift you up in even the darkest times. You thought he was the one, until he wasn’t.

And when he left, he took with you those memories, that security, those feelings. You were left feeling robbed. Robbed and alone.

You still find yourself wondering what happened. Questioning your every word, your every action, your every moment with him. Left to question everything, including you. Who are you after it all?

But you can’t question any more.

You see when he left; you feel he took all of you with him. Your future you had perfectly mapped out in your mind had disappeared. And you didn’t know what he had left behind for you.

But that is the beauty of breakups.

He left, leaving you with what you felt was nothing, an empty shell of who you were. And with that, you can grow, you can build, you can evolve into the beautiful soul you are truly within.

Single women are a force to be reckoned with. We have a blank canvass to paint the woman we want to be on, and you better believe she is strong, powerful, and irreplaceable. You see, once a single woman sees her worth and builds her kingdom for herself, a man simply compliments this empire – he cannot ever take it.

We have all this newfound spare time and mental clarity. Free from another person’s needs, we are able to focus solely on our own. We can choose to do what we like, eat what we like, go where we like. We can choose to learn who we are, and more than that, create who we want to be. The possibilities are limitless and it’s all up to us.

Being single gives us the space to discover more about ourselves. We are able to become curious about who we want to be in this world, and learn more about us. I truly believe it is a beautiful time that all women should have to really ground themselves and stand strong in who they are.

I was you. I felt broken and lost when my future and my love walked away. I didn’t know who I was anymore and the loss was hard to fathom. Breakups aren’t easy, they never are. But through my breakup I have evolved into the woman I stand proudly as today. I now know my future relationships will compliment my life, but I am able to build my world and stand strongly on my own. My future love can stand beside me, and together we will grow.

So when you lost him, you didn’t lose yourself – you lost who you once were. Which is a beautiful opportunity to build who you are becoming.

Value this time. Try new things; meet new people; experience new places; find what it is you do and don’t like. Work on yourself the way you would a new relationship, for this is the most important relationship you will have.

You are worth being single, you are worth investing in yourself, you are worth your own love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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