20 Signs Your Zodiac Sign Is Cancer


1. You’re deeply sensitive, and have been since birth. As a baby you probably cried every time ‘Memories’ came on the radio. People sometimes take your sensitivity for weakness, but in fact it fuels your rich perspective on life.

2. You’re a great listener, which makes you a trusted confidante and advisor for your friends and loved ones.

3. You’re also a great communicator: you have a real way with words–whether spoken or written–and a knack for knowing what to say and when.

4. You can be very mild-mannered, until pushed. They thought they could bully you in school, at least before you put the biggest kid in a headlock and bruised your knuckles on his forehead.

5. You’re fiercely protective of those closest to you and go ballistic when someone tries to take advantage. You bristle at any injustice, really (it’s exhausting).

6. You’re great with children and animals: they feel a sense of deep calm in your presence and naturally gravitate towards you.

7. You’re extremely thoughtful and acknowledge everyone’s birthday with a call, text or email. Your memory is one of your most powerful assets, except that you absolutely remember every possible slight (real or imagined).

8. You keep EVERYTHING, and are deathly afraid of losing or leaving anything behind.

9. You have a hard time getting good rest because your brain is so active–also stemming from infancy, when your mom had to tiptoe lightly out of your bedroom once she put you down.

10. You’re endlessly creative, even if your outlet for that creativity sometimes seems left-brained. If your group needed a jingle for its semester project, you probably came up with it.

11. Your eye for art and design is uncannily sharp–again, even if your scholastic or work pursuits aren’t ‘artistic’ in the least.

12. You’re an optimist. Despite your many moods (which are legend), you focus on the positive end result you’d like to achieve, and usually have a road map in mind to get you there.

13. You’re also a realist: you know that no amount of delusion can change what exists, so you distill the cold truth–no matter how unbearable–to keep yourself and those around you grounded.

14. You can be obsessive about organization, especially making lists. Like this one.

15. You’re a great curator and your photo albums are epic–because, again, hoarding.

16. You love people but are very content in your own company: all that saving the world comes at a price, usually doled out on comfy couch cushions.

17. Your emotions run the gamut at times, but, at the end of the day, you find the greatest joy in harnessing them to help others and leave a lasting impact on the world.

18. You love ANY body of water–be it pool, lake, ocean–doesn’t matter. You stay in tune with the rhythm of life no matter where you are, but never more than when you’re surrounded by endless blue.

19. You find sanctuary at home, wherever that is to you. You could sail clear around the world and never, ever forget the point at which you embarked. It defines you.

20. Yesterday, you had a detailed plan to build and foster your empire. Today, you just need a nap. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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