Stay Single Until The Person You Like The Most Is You

Stay Single Until The Person You Like The Most Is You

Stay single until the person you like the most is you. Until you learn to love yourself. Stay single until you are comfortable in your own skin. All too often people settle because they’re lonely. They settle into relationships that they know aren’t right. They get attached to people who aren’t good for them. They attach themselves to another when they need to be spending time alone.

Be able to make peace with yourself. Go for coffee and to breakfast alone. Sit in bookstores. Take all the workout classes. Be so happy in your life that you don’t need another person. Learn to fall back in love with yourself.

Confidence and self-love are attractive. When you own this, you radiate. You radiate from within. You become not only attractive to others, but you become your best self. You know you are worthy of love. Let it come to you.

Stop forcing people on you. Sometimes life is lonely. Accept it. Those nights you sit, riddled with anxiety, those nights you feel hopeless. Try not to let them get to you. Sometimes it’s hard to be alone. Just remember, you always wake up feeling better the next day. Remember that. Don’t lose hope.

Stay single until you believe that you are a good person. Someone who deserves happiness. And love. Know yourself so well, that you would want to be your own friend. Be the positive influence that you want others to be. Own it. Own your life.

Make peace with your demons. Love yourself. Love others.

Don’t feel obligated to jump into a relationship.

Know yourself. Never put all your hope and worth in another person. Put it in yourself. Once you are there, loving another person just feels like an added bonus.

Stay single until the person you like the most is you. You owe it to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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