This Is What It Really Means When I Say I’m Over You

It took me longer then I wanted. Longer than I planned. It was harder than expected. You don’t just get over someone who you gave so much to. Someone you planned a future with. Someone you wanted in your life. Someone you fought for, over and over again.

But when I say I’m over you, I mean it. You no longer consume my thoughts. You’re an afterthought if even that. Because the truth is you’re so far removed from my life now, it’s hard to even imagine a life with you in it.

When I say I’m over you, it means don’t try to come back. I’m content. I’m happy. I’ve learned to put the pieces back together. The ones you pulled apart. The ones you took for granted.

When I say I’m over you, I didn’t get here overnight. In truth, it took way longer than I wanted to. Even though I may have moved on, I wasn’t always ready.

You don’t know how much someone or something can consume your life until they’re no longer there. And you consumed me.

You don’t, anymore.

When I say I’m over you, I’m ready to move on. Maybe I’m ready to meet someone, or maybe I already have. I don’t wish the worst for you, but I don’t really wish anything either.

When I say I’m over you, I hope you can continue to live the life you want. One that I am no longer a part of. One I have removed myself from.

When I say I’m over you, I’m stronger now. I’m happier. I have learned my worth. I won’t ever put so much pressure and dependence on another person.

I hope you’ve learned too. Through the good and the bad, I’m still thankful. Thankful for growth. Thankful for all the highs and lows.

I mean it when I say I’m over you.

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