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9 Signs Your Ex Was A Malignant Narcissist

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Chris Benson

If you came out of a traumatic, toxic relationship, there’s a possibility your ex was a malignant narcissist. We’re talking about that “crazy ex”. The one who did more damage than good. And while there are many narcissistic people in life, a malignant narcissist is a different breed. A malignant narcissist shows signs of narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, aggression, and sadism.

1. A true narcissist needs constant attention and adoration.

If they don’t receive it they become agitated and may become angry, depression, or anxious.

2. They showed little empathy for pain.

If your ex had no problem hurting you or others, showing little remorse, that’s a tell tale sign of malignant narcissism. They actually enjoy seeing other people suffer or in pain.

3. They could do no wrong.

A narcissist will always turn the situation on you. Even when they are wrong, they will turn it around so that you feel guilty. You end up apologizing even when you’re not in the wrong.

4. They were aggressive.

Aggressive, dangerous behavior was there. In addition to a grandiose sense of self, your ex could be downright dangerous. With little care for others, they had no issue fighting or with violence.

5. They thought they were special.

Never missing an opportunity to talk about oneself, a narcissist thinks the world of his or her self. It’s their world and we’re just living in it. For real though.

6. They need constant approval.

Even though they think they are “God’s gift to the world”, you better tell them so! A narcissist requires constant validation from the outside world to “thrive”. If that’s what we want to call it.

7. No moral compass.

A malignant narcissist doesn’t seem to have a conscience. They have little empathy and only think about themselves. Why should they care how their decisions impact others?

8. They’re paranoid.

Paranoia is a sign of a malignant narcissist. When things don’t go their way, they believe the world is out to get them. They always think this though. They are always suspicious of others and feel that others are teaming up, or out to get them.

9. Master manipulator.

A malignant narcissist knows how to work every angle and situation. They will manipulate the hell out of anyone. There is nobody they won’t manipulate.

If you dated a malignant narcissist and came out of the situation, you know the danger of this person. If you haven’t, now you know. These are scary individuals, and if you come across one, RUN! TC mark

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