10 Signs He Really, Really Likes You (And It’s Not Just About Knocking Boots)

This is how you know he likes you.

1. He’s genuinely curious about your interests. He wants to know about your job, about your passions, about the things that excite you. Even if he doesn’t share those same interests, he has a desire to learn about them, about you. He’s curious as to what makes you happy and loves watching you light up when you talk about it.

2. He still wants to see you when you’re sick. Whether it’s a particularly nasty cold, complete with an unrelenting cough and drippy nose or a touch of food poisoning that has you running to the bathroom every few minutes, he still wants to take care of you. He offers to bring you soup, or if he can run to CVS for you. He texts to check up on you and reminds you he’s there, should you need help with anything.

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3. He actively keeps the conversation going in text messages. It’s not just a ‘lol’ or ‘you up?’ when the clock strikes 12. He keeps dialogue flowing.

4. He’ll call you just to talk. Because a text message can’t replace hearing your voice.

5. He doesn’t want to leave in the morning. He’d much rather stay in bed and cuddle you.

6.  He talks about you to his friends. All his friends know about you and this is in part because he cannot shut up about you. He talks about you all the time, things you’ve said, stuff you two have done together. When you meet his friends, they say things like, “We’ve heard so much about you!” Because they honestly have.

7. He does stuff he knows you like that he isn’t super into. He sits through your guilty pleasure TV show, even if he’d rather watch something else. To him, being with you is the ultimate goal. So he doesn’t mind if some of the stuff you do together isn’t his favorite.

8. He never, ever pressures you. He would never want you to do something you were uncomfortable with. He’s willing to go at whatever pace makes you feel safe and taken care of. He would never expect you to do something sexual just because.

9. He compliments you on very specific things. Anyone can say, “You look beautiful.” But he notices even the tiniest things about you. He pays attention. So when he compliments you, it’s not generic. It’s more like, “I love that little pattern of freckles on your nose.”

10. He’s not afraid to commit. He’s not interested in playing games or keeping things casual. He is all in, and wants you to know it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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