17 Reasons Military Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

Disclaimer: These things do not apply to every. single. guy in the military. But I did ask a few more knowledgeable girlfriends for help with this, and it’s pretty clear military guys are in the running for best boyfriends. Enjoy!

1. Men in uniform will never go out of style. And call it socially constructed, biologically motivated, or whatever. There is something absolutely hot about men who wear military uniform.

2. Military guys are protective, which comes with the territory I suppose. But there are few more care-free feelings than walking arms locked with a military guy when he’s fully-suited. Swoon!

3. He will be one of the most caring guys you will ever meet. Especially if he has witnessed a lot of human suffering, he will know the importance of kindness and will almost always treat you kindly.

4. Because he knows the importance of friendship, he will be a good friend to you. I think a lot of relationships fail or don’t go anywhere because people aren’t even friends with the person they’re dating. A boyfriend really is supposed to be someone you can chill, hang out with, have deep conversations with, and of course, also make out with.

5. He will probably be a chivalrous guy – opening doors, pushing out chairs, walking on the outside of you on a sidewalk. All those little things that make a BIG difference.

6. Military guys tend to be guy’s guys. And that means there will be an air of hyper-masculinity any time the boys are present. But that also means that he can do many of the things you’d like a man to take care of, no matter how Ms. Independent you are.

7. Military guys appreciate a woman who is both simultaneously strong and soft. In one sense, they are one of the best at dealing with women who want both independence and interdependence.

8. It will be common practice for him to stand up for you, so you’ll always feel like someone has your back when you’re with him. Not in a macho way either, just in a way that let’s people know they probably shouldn’t mess with you.

9. He’ll likely be a physically strong guy, which means that you can count on him to help you with practical things that involve heavy lifting. His strength and demeanor will also always make you feel safe.

10. Military guys’ emotions can be hard to figure out, however. Especially if they were in combat, it will likely affect the way they see the world. So while their exterior may be hard, many will also have centers that are soft and mushy inside.

11. He’ll be good with kids which will make your heart melt. I don’t know exactly what kind of scientific study needs to be done to confirm this, but there’s something about military life that makes for many good potential dads.

12. He’ll likely be a disciplined guy which means you can almost always count on the fact that this will rub off on you as well. And sure, sometimes this means he’ll encourage you to get up at 4 in the morning to accompany him on a run. But you’ll find yourself just being an all-round more disciplined person.

13. Guys in the military tend to have great stories – some of which are obviously exaggerated. But one thing is for sure, you will seldom be bored when he’s around.

14. He’ll be a romantic – a closet romantic – but a romantic nonetheless. And in a world where the art and appreciation of romance seems to be so few and far between, you’ll be constantly surprised by how his little romantic gestures will make a big difference to you.

15. He will teach you many things about culture, about people, and about life. Chances are, he’ll always know more than he’ll let on. But he will make you more curious. Not only about him, but about the world around you.

16. He will appreciate you, especially when he’s far away, and can’t be with you. And he will let you know that not only does he want to take care of you, he wants to let you take care of him too.

17. Many military guys know the value of life in a way that most other people don’t. And he will make sure you know that every precious second with you is meaningful to him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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