Wait Until You’re Someone’s Best Choice

Wait until you’re someone’s best choice, first choice, and only choice. Wait until there’s no second-guessing from them, until there’s no choosing between you and someone else.

Wait until you’re not a back-up, a side-chick, a rebound, or the reason they broke up. Wait until you are the one, not the other one.

Wait until it all falls into place. Wait until there is no effort to be made, no convincing to be done, no manipulating, and no betrayal. Wait until you feel surprised that it really could just happen this effortlessly.

Wait until you feel important. Wait until you know how they feel without asking, their actions speak volumes, and their texts come without games.

Wait until it all just makes sense. Wait until you’re with them and everything just feels right, like nothing seems hard, like nothing is ever confusing, and like your feelings are safe with them.

Wait until the nights seem too short and the days pass in the blink of an eye. Wait until there is no wondering when the next time you’ll see them will be and no guessing how they feel.

Wait until the spaces between your fingers are filled with more than just another hand but with security. Wait until their touch feels like one of comfort and stability and it’s not being shared with others. Wait until the only scent you smell on their skin is yours, theirs, and no one else’s.

Wait until this all comes. Wait until you’re the decision that never felt like one. Wait until they feel like you were always meant to be together. Wait until there is no other. Wait until there is only you.

And when that time comes, may you be ready for that kind of love. May you know you always deserved this. May you feel the same about them. And may they, too, be your only one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Kirstie Taylor

Dating + Relationship Writer & Coach