10 Little Gestures That Women Find Romantic AF

“Romance is overrated.”  Absolutely No Woman Ever

I don’t care if you’re in the fresh puppy love stage of your relationship or if you’ve been married for 10 years with little carbon copies of yourselves running around the house.

If there’s one thing I know about women—I’m obviously an authority figure since I am one—it’s that we all love romance.

But here’s the thing: romance isn’t just what you see in the movies. There’s no need to run through the airport. No need to find a thing called a “boom box” and stand outside her window. No need for an entire field of daffodils.

All we want is to know we matter to you.

So take all that pressure off yourselves—romance is a lot easier than you think. Little gestures will go a long way.

1. Hold her hand in public.

What’s more romantic than publicly declaring that the human next to you is the person you’re dating? It’s a sweet way to show that you don’t care who knows you’re both together, or rather that you want to be close to them.

Holding hands in public is an intimate way to still be touching your partner no matter where you are.

2. Remember her friends’ birthdays

And anything else that is important to her but obsolete to you. Remembering details of important events will catch your lover by surprise. I’m sure she doesn’t expect you to know about her aunt’s birthday. So when you mention it a week before, you’ll be scoring some major romance points.

3. Plan outings that involve her friends

A woman wants to know that you accept all of her; that includes her friends. Planning things that involve her friends is romantic because you’re letting her know you accept all aspects of her life. It’ll give you a chance to bond with the people closest to her as well.

4. Share your feelings

There’s nothing more romantic than letting a girl know how you feel. Men have been taught to suppress their emotions, and as a result have difficulty saying how they feel aloud. But practice in the mirror. Write your thoughts out. Relaying your feelings to your lover will be a breath of fresh air. Women want to know how you feel about them. Don’t assume they already know.

5. Text her throughout the day

Sending a woman texts during the day shows her that you’re thinking about her. If she likes you, chances are you’re crossing her mind throughout the day. It’s nice to know that feeling is mutual. Something as simple as a “hey, I’m thinking about you” will go a long way.

6. Ask about her past.

It’s hard for women to open up about their past. A lot of women are worried that people will run when they start to talk about the difficult times they’ve been through. When you ask, you’re creating a safe space for her to open up. And for someone that wants to feel cared for, that will mean the world to her.

7. Remember the little things.

That includes the meeting your partner has that week at work to knowing that her favorite show comes on every Thursday. Remembering when they’re happening and asking about them afterward is a great way to show that you listen and remember what she says. That’s where true romance rests.

8. Surprise her unexpectedly.

This can be as little as a slice of cake from that one bakery she loves. Or perhaps a flower you picked for her on your way home from work. Surprises don’t have to be big and grandiose to be considered romantic. Choose something that’s a bit more realistic for you to do sporadically.

9. Validate her feelings.

You don’t necessarily have to agree with what created her feelings, but validating them will remind her how much you care. So if she comes home and tells you how stressful her day was, let her know that it indeed sounds like it was very stressful.

10. Let her have the last slice of pizza.

What’s more romantic than letting a woman have the last slice of pizza? Absolutely nothing. She knows you want it, but forgoing that last cheesy slice for the sake of her happiness is the ultimate form of romance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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