40 Modern Day Mixed Signals Every Fuckboy Will Send You

Brooke Cagle

1. Blows up your insta after dropping off the face off the earth for weeks.

2. Texts you back 3 days later starting with ‘sorry…*insert BS explanation about how busy he’s been lately.*

3. Make plans just to cancel.

4. Sends you a snapchat at an odd hour just to see if you open it and answer.

5. Makes something their story simply to get your attention.

6. Comes back after going MIA and will be the first to look at your stories when you start to ignore him.

7. *Insert kind gesture* after being a complete dick to you.

8. Sends the ‘how have you been’ text after so much time has passed you don’t even know how to answer that.

9. Sees you moving on and won’t allow it.

10. Swipes right on some dating app just to see if you did too. But never does anything.

11. Tags you in shit on FB or Instagram

12. Likes some but not all posts and is strategic about it.

13. Starts treating you better when someone else starts to.

14. Asks if you’re *inserts place he knows you’ll probably be at* then doesn’t answer after you reply or ignores you when show up.

15. The phrase, ‘I’m happy for you,’ actually means the complete opposite.

16. Starts playing smarter when you start treating him the way he treats you.

17. Sends the ‘what are you up to’ text late at night. Doesn’t answer when you respond in the morning.

18. Meets for drinks and never commits to a date.

19. Swears he isn’t looking for anything serious but then has moments of trying to be serious with you.

20. Throws the friend card at you but still tries to hookup.

21. You talk about everything except other potential relationships.

22. Builds you up and compliments you but still treats you like shit.

23. Tries to turn the table on you and make you feel guilty when he’s done something wrong.

24. Follows you. Just to unfollow you. Then follows you again.

25. Turns read receipt on and off.

26. Makes a desperate attempt to try and make you jealous then makes you feel like an idiot for reacting.

27. Tells you you’ve changed when you start to grow distant and treat him differently.

28. ‘Thinking of you’ text or snap with something he knows you like even though you haven’t spoken in weeks.

29. Starts a conversation off with a question to provoke an answer.

30. Says everything you want to hear only when he’s drunk.

31. Talks ambiguously about future plans in your heart you know will never happen.

32. The screenshots that make your friends say, ‘what the actual fuck.’

33. Takes every compliment fishing for more without reciprocating saying anything kind about you.

34. Works to build an emotional relationship with you until you trust him fully.

35. Treats you amazing at first then there’s a shift.

36. Is the king of dodging important questions or parts of conversations.

37. Doesn’t bring you around to meet his friends. And if he does, they don’t seem interested in you because they know he really isn’t.

38. He’s constantly on his phone when he’s with you but waits days to answer your texts.

39. Says he misses you but is always busy.

40. Throws around the word love so casually it’s lost all meaning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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