To My Best Friend If Ever You Forget, This Is What You Deserve

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If ever forget what you deserve I’ll be here to remind you. I’ll be here to pick you up every time you fall. I’ll keep watching as you give the best you have of yourself to people not worthy and I’ll always be the arms you can run to. I’ll be the one wiping your tears when you think it’s you who is flawed or not good enough. I’ll continue to remind you how beautiful you are. How special you are. How it takes a rare person to see that. Appreciate it. And be what you need.

I’ll never stop reminding you of these few things.

You deserve someone who never stops choosing you and only you.

You deserve a love that heals you.

A love that keeps every secret you tell.

But doesn’t keep you a secret.

You deserve someone who doesn’t try and change you but shows you, you’re enough.

Because you’ve always been enough.

You deserve someone who realizes they are the lucky one.

Someone who never stops trying to prove they are the one who deserves you.

You deserve someone looking at you and seeing a future ridding you of heartbreak in the past.

You deserve someone who truly thinks you are the most beautiful girl there is.

Because you are.

Someone who never stops respecting you.

You deserve every door to be open.

You deserve every chair to be pulled out.

You deserve someone who is willing to pay.

Because they know it’s not about money but rather what one is willing to invest in you.

You deserve someone who takes your hand and wants to show you off to everyone.

You deserve someone who is proud to stand next to you.

Someone who wants everyone to know about you.

Someone who will proudly introduce you to his parents.

You deserve someone whose friends already know you.

Because he can’t stop talking about you.

He can’t stop thinking about you.

You deserve someone who surprises you.

Someone who wants to keep things exciting.

Who never stops trying to make you smile.

You deserve someone who takes the time to learn you.

Learn why you are the way you are.

Someone who wants to learn about your past so they don’t repeat it.

You deserve someone who remembers every little thing.

Someone who takes the time to learn you.

You deserve someone who makes you laugh so hard it hurts.

Someone who truly makes you the happiest best version of yourself.

You deserve someone who texts you first.

Someone who makes plans that he keeps.

And not someone who is good at making excuses and lying.

You deserve to be treated well all the time.

But there are the things you don’t deserve that I know you’ve tolerated in the past.

You don’t deserve someone messing with your head because they are uncertain of themselves.

You don’t deserve to wait because he keeps saying one day.

You don’t deserve someone who comes and goes as he pleases.

You don’t deserve someone ignoring your texts then liking your last post or viewing your story.

You don’t deserve someone who cancels. When you’re already dressed and ready.

You don’t deserve someone taking advantage of your kindness.

Someone taking you for granted.

Someone taking all you have to give and not returning it.

Someone who looks at your beauty only on the outside.

You don’t deserve to give your heart away to someone who is unsure.

You don’t deserve to be their last call.

The morning with a headache as they wonder how this happened.

You don’t deserve someone asking you to leave after the fact.

You don’t deserve to stare at your phone for hours.

Analyzing if you said something wrong.

Because you haven’t done anything wrong it’s them who isn’t right.

You don’t deserve to wonder if he’s talking to other girls.

You don’t deserve to feel like you’re in some competition you’re losing.

You don’t deserve to be in limbo about how someone feels about you.

You don’t deserve to have a relationship that looks and feels like one but he won’t call you his girlfriend.

You deserve something so much more than sex.

You deserve something so much more than emotionally being what he needs.

You don’t deserve a love that doesn’t love you back.

It’s hard sometimes to watch you with these people and know you’re settling. It’s hard to not hate them. It hurts me that you are choosing someone when you deserve better and deserve more. Sometimes I wish you saw yourself through my eyes. If you did, you’d realize how truly incredible you are.

It’s my job as your best friend to say those things but I won’t sit back and watch you end up with someone who isn’t worthy of you.

I know what you deserve. And I think you know it too. But I’ll never stop reminding you. I’ll never leave your side. And until I’m standing next to you on your wedding day, I won’t give you away until it’s with someone who deserves you. Because you are the best, smartest, kindest, most beautiful person I know and one day you’ll see that too. But until then I’ll keep holding your hand until we get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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