Maybe She Expected More From You Because She Would Have Done The Same

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Maybe the only reason she expected so much of you is because she would have done the same.

Maybe she expected you to follow through because she never would have canceled on you and come up with an excuse.

Maybe she expected a text back immediately because she’s answered you every time, no questions asked. To a point, you got a little too used to her.

Maybe she expected you to be there because every time you asked her, she was already on her way.

Maybe she expected this to be something because you led her to believe you might have felt the same way. Because you didn’t take the time to tell her you didn’t.

Maybe she opened up to you and gave you her heart and told you exactly how she felt because you made her feel like that was okay.

Maybe she relied on you as much as she did because you told her she could trust you. You opened up to her and let her in just as close.

Maybe she didn’t date anyone else because she really thought she had a shot with you.

Maybe she tried so hard because she thought it was her that needed to prove she deserved you. She didn’t realize it was your flaw in not realizing her value.

Maybe she made herself look like an idiot because she really did care about you and she just didn’t know how to say that or properly show it.

Maybe she tried a little too hard to make you happy because of how happy you made her even in the moments you disappointed her and let her down.

Maybe she said too much sometimes but she was brave enough to admit it.

Maybe she thought she could change how you felt, so she changed everything about herself and try and be the person you wanted her to be.

Maybe she knew you were bound to hurt her but something about you made her feel safe. Something about you made her feel like even if the odds were stacked against her maybe you’d come out of it with a win. Like you were something to be won over.

Maybe she pulled away and grew distant wondering if you’d notice but at the same time she just needed to be alone to heal.

Maybe she came back only to realize she’s always going to care even when you don’t.

Maybe she thought you were different what she didn’t expect was someone exactly the same.
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