21 Things You Need To Quit Right Now

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1. Quit the job you hate.

You aren’t doing anyone any favors staying somewhere that you aren’t naturally excelling. You’ll realize it’s the right job and you’ve found your purpose when it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

2. Quit the people who aren’t making you better.

Sometimes you have to realize the only thing you have in common with someone in the past. If someone isn’t pushing you forward or making you better the relationship isn’t one you need to invest time and energy into.

3. Quit other people’s expectations.

People are going to ask a lot of you throughout your whole life and if you become one of those people who never let them down they are going to keep asking more of you. But you have to realize when it’s too much. When you are investing more into what other’s want of you than what you want of yourself you have to stop.

4. Quit being afraid of the things you want.

If there’s something or someone you can’t stop thinking about go for it. You can spend as much time coming up with excuses of why you shouldn’t do something or you can channel that same energy into why you deserve everything you’ve ever wanted.

5. Quit saying yes when you really mean no.

Don’t just say yes to things because people ask you say yes to the things you want.

6. Quit holding the past so tightly.

The past isn’t there for you to hold over your own head and make you feel bad for yourself. The past is there to teach you and show you the person you aren’t anymore. No matter how long you mourn the past it won’t change what happened.

7. Quit hating yourself.

You deserve to love yourself the way you love others. In fact, you deserve to love yourself more than that. If there are parts of yourself you don’t like be able to recognize is it something you really don’t like or is it something someone told you not to like.

8. Quit your almost relationship.

Don’t invest time and emotions into someone who only half wants you. You deserve a relationship and you deserve someone who wants you and only you. You shouldn’t have to convince someone to want to be with you.

9. Quit your relationship that’s already over.

When something ends let it go. Don’t water a dead flower.

10. Quit trying to make everyone but yourself happy.

Putting other people’s happiness before yourself will always leave you with this void. Because when everyone else leaves all you have is yourself and you have to realize how important that relationship is.

11. Quit lying to yourself about what you want.

If you really want something that badly go get it. No one is going to hand it to you and all the luck in the world won’t make it happen for you.

12. Quit that place that doesn’t make you happy.

If you are in a place that doesn’t make you happy, leave. You are in no one obligated to stay somewhere if it’s not where you want to be. You have the ability to go and do anything you want but when you feed yourself excuses of why you can’t you are choosing to not be happy.

13. Quit allowing fear control you.

There’s comfort in what you know. But until you push yourself past your comfort zone you’ll forever just be content and not fully happy. If something scares you that might be exactly what you need in your life.

14. Quit living the life someone else wants you to.

Parent’s add pressure to the life we live. Society adds pressure to where you are supposed to be and when you should achieve if you let go of what everyone else’s want of you and focus on what you want for yourself that’s the first step in getting it.

15. Quit adding unnecessary pressure and stress to your life.

When you add a level of competition of you vs. them you are taking yourself out of the game because the only person you should be competing with is yourself.

16. Quit thinking I’ll be happy when…

When you get this new apartment. When you get this new job. When you end up dating someone. Associating happiness with getting things will never make you happy when you finally do get them because you’ll continue to have that mindset of the next best thing. Learning to be happy with what you have when you have it will teach you to appreciate what you do get.

17. Quit running from love.

Everyone is afraid of getting hurt. But the risk is always worth the reward.

18. Quit admiring the person you used to be and be proud of who you are.

Stop looking back at old pictures thinking you wish you looked the way you used to or you wish you were the person you used to be. Be proud of who you are and be proud of what made you that way.

19. Quit being angry.

Anger doesn’t hurt the one you’re mad at, it only hurts you. Learning to forgive someone even they aren’t sorry will make you realize you are in control of both your emotions and your happiness.

20. Quit settling.

Remember what you deserve and don’t lower that. Whether it’s a career or a person or a way of life. Don’t settle for the type of life you don’t want to lead.

21. Quit holding yourself back.

You are the problem as well as the solution. You have the ability to change every part of your life if you find the courage to do it.

They saying quitting is for someone who is weak but it takes strength to quit the right things in your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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