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I Hope In The New Year You Quit

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I hope in the New Year, you quit being afraid and finally go after that thing that scares you.

I hope you quit hanging on to the past and letting it interfere with the present.

I hope in the New Year, you quit settling and wait for what you deserve, even if that means waiting a long time.

I hope you quit hating yourself and fixating upon flaws you can’t change. I hope you look at your reflection with the admiration it deserves.

I hope in the New Year, you quit doing something that doesn’t make you happy even if you don’t know what does yet.

I hope you quit a job you hate even if that means you’ll be broke for a little while.

I hope in The New Year, you quit bad company and begin to surround yourself with people who enhance your life and make it better.

I hope you quit that relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

I hope in The New Year, you quit living up to other people’s expectations of how you’re supposed to live your life.

I hope you quit killing yourself to makes others happy and start trying to make yourself happy.

I hope in the New Year, you quit lying to yourself about what you really want and find the courage to go after it.

I hope you quit comparing yourself to others and start by comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday.

I hope in The New Year, you quit running from love and let it find you.

I hope you quit thinking you’re in a rush to get somewhere and learn to appreciate the moment.

I hope in The New Year, you quit walking down the path of someone else’s choosing and go after your dreams, no matter how crazy they might be.

I hope you quit being stressed. You quit feeling pressure. I hope you find the core to what is causing these feelings and simply quit.

I hope in The New Year, you quit holding onto your ex because it’s over and you need to quit thinking he’ll come back.

I hope you quit needing people and learn to love yourself and your company.

I hope in The New Year, you quit going out when you’d rather stay in and not feel bad about it.

I hope you quit looking back and dwelling over where you were and start focusing on where you are going.

I hope in The New Year, you quit waking up unhappy and find what it is that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning.

But most of all I hope you quit holding yourself back.

Quit tolerating less than you deserve. Quit settling. Quit living someone else’s life. Simply quit.

Quit until you’re leading a life that fills you with such joy and happiness you wish you found the courage to quit sooner. TC mark

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