25 Little Things to Remember At Age 25

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1. It’s okay if you haven’t met the one yet.

That national average for meeting the right person is 29 for men and 31 for men. So don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

2. The job maybe even the company you’re with might be temporary.

People will change their job about 10 or 15 times. So if you aren’t happy where you are right now, work to get somewhere else but realize things will change and be happy to just have a job.

3. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you should have everything written out and planned. The exciting parts of life are the ones that sneak up on you bringing with it happiness. But if you just work at getting where you want to or where you think you want to that’s progress.

4. Everyone else doesn’t have it as together as they pretend.

Everyone’s lives are filtered. From the things they post to the things, they tell you. Everything in an attempt to achieve both happiness and success. That’s going to look different to everyone and it’s going to take people different times to get there.

5. You will heal.

I know you thought that person who broke your heart was going to be the one. I know you think these things you feel right now will stay with you for a while. But you’ll look back at this and when you see the person you do end up with you’ll be grateful this didn’t work out.

6. Your current financial state will improve.

You’re not always going to be cringing when you log into your bank account. You’re going to do just fine and you’ll look back at those moments laughing.

7. This is your time to be selfish.

One day you’ll be married and you’ll have kids and your entire life and money will be devoted to someone else. Don’t look at being single as such a bad thing. Appreciate the freedom. Go somewhere. Do something big. Because one day you might not be able to just get up and leave.

8. You are going to lose people you thought were forever friends.

You might lose someone you knew would be in your wedding. And it’s going to hurt like hell. But it’s better to learn who they are now and what their intentions are then realize it later.

9. It’s okay if you aren’t where your parents were at 25.

When your parents drop the phrase, “at 25 I was doing this, “ understand it’s an entirely different culture and what was normal for them is different today.

10. Take care of yourself.

Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.

11. You are going to change your mind so many times.

You’re going to learn more about life and the world and the things that work and what doesn’t. You won’t have the same opinions or outlook on things and that’s a good thing.

12. Changing the course of your life right now won’t jeopardize your future.

If you realize you aren’t at the place you want to be right now, quit. Just because you might have been doing the same thing for a while doesn’t mean that’s written in stone of what you have to do forever. You have the ability to get up and change any part of your life.

13. Try living somewhere you don’t know anyone.

As scary as it might be moved somewhere new. Move to a city where you don’t know anyone and no one knows you. Go somewhere and create the story you want to be your life.

14. Value your parents. They are getting older too.

You are at a point where hanging out with your parents on a Friday isn’t the uncool thing to do. Learn to appreciate them. Value the time you have with them. Put down your cell phone and give them your undivided attention. One day you’re going to miss them so much.

15. At 25 you should be talking less about people and more about goals.

No matter what age you are gossip will play a huge role in the lives of people who don’t have anything better to talk about. Realize those people are toxic.

16. Choose wisely who you associate with.

You should have a least five people you can really count on who really are good for you. I mean good for your happiness. Good for your emotional health. Good for your wellbeing.

17. Home will always be there.

It’s okay to be homesick. But home and those same back roads and people who haven’t left for generations will be there when you visit.

18. Don’t be afraid to take that trip.

Everyone has that one place they want to go do it. Figure out the rest later.

19. Be aware of credit card debt.

The best type of debt to have is none. But if you have to have debt don’t be reckless with the privilege that is a credit card.

20. At 25 you should know what’s going in the world and why you have certain political beliefs.

Regardless of how sad the news might be or how crazy things are that’s going on, be aware. When it comes to politics you don’t need to voice your opinion but you do need to understand why you believe what you say you do.

21. If you find that thing that makes you excited to get up in the morning stick with it.

Whatever or whoever makes you happy to be alive realize the value in finding that. People spend their entire lives trying to find that thing.

22. Stopping worrying so much about your future.

The future will be there. And the best way to prevent a bad one is to do things every day that your future self will say thank you for.

23. Understand the importance of networking and building relationships.

Choose your battles wisely. Understand anyone you might see on the way to the top you’ll see on the way down if ever you fall. Understand the difference between healthy relationships and those relationships that aren’t pushing you forward. Always be polite. Always leave on good terms. And if someone feels the need to try and take you down understand the importance of not responding.

24. Remember how far you’ve come up until now.

When you start to think, do I want this? Am I happy? What is my next move? Remember the time in your life when you wished for what you have now. Learn gratitude. Learn appreciation. Learn to look back only when you’re measuring how far you’ve come and how you’ve improved.

25. Never stop learning.

Learn something new every day. Read every single day. Try and be better than you were yesterday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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