15 Signs You’re Just Friends Even Though You Don’t Want To Believe It

Just Friends
Elliott Dunning

1. He hasn’t asked you on a date.

When a guy likes you he’ll ask you on a date, it’s that simple.

2. You haven’t hooked up even drunk.

Get him drunk and see what happens. If he doesn’t make a move drunk he hasn’t thought about it sober. Or he thought about it sober and thought never.

3. Plans always revolve around his schedule.

The relationship isn’t 50/50 at all. It’s you giving more than you get and he knows he can get away with it because he knows how you feel.

4. He disappears for long periods of time.

He might talk to you every day but the second the weekend comes around you won’t speak until Monday.

5. When you do hang out it’s in groups.

He doesn’t want to be alone with you. It’s that simple.

6. He cancels often.

He’ll cancel last minute, not even feel bad about it, come up with an excuse and not try and make it up to you.

7. He talks about other girls to you.

He isn’t trying to make you jealous. He’s trying to make it clear he does not in this lifetime think of you as anything more.

8. He says he values the friendship.

If I never hear this line again in my lifetime, I’ll be happy. I’d rather someone say to my face straight up, we will never work out because I have no interest in you then try and spare my feelings.

9. He ignores you in public.

If he likes you he’ll be happy to see you, he won’t be trying to dodge you in public.

10. He doesn’t always reply to your texts.

You might talk a lot but the conversation ends when he says so.

11. You think he’s confusing but he just doesn’t like you.

Girls tend to create these narratives in their mind of what they want the story to be instead of looking at what is actually there. You read the signs you want to, to justify what you want to believe to be true.

12. He asks about other guys.

He wants you to move on from him and he’s hoping and praying you do some day soon.

13. You only ever text.

Responding to a text message takes zero effort. If you removed cell phones and social media from your life would he disappear? Yes. I thought so.

14. He’s always busy.

You invite him out and he says he can’t make it then shows up to the same place anyway. Sometimes people are too busy for you because they don’t want to spend time with you.

15. You have to actually wonder how he feels.

A guy who likes you won’t make you question how he feels.

I get it. Liking someone who doesn’t like you blows. But all any of us can do in our lives is give it our best and hope the person feels the same way. If they don’t it isn’t our responsibility to convince someone to like us or that we are worthy of their love and attention. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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