If You Care About Her, You’re Really Bad At Showing It

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You don’t care about her if you can be in the same place and ignore her.

You don’t care about her if you can stand next to her looking at her like she’s a stranger.

And not someone you talk to almost every day.

Not someone who knows you better than every stranger in the room.

Not someone who took the time to get to know you to the core of who you are.

You don’t care about her if you can blatantly disrespect her and not feel bad about it.

Even though she’s done nothing but treat you well all the time.

You don’t care about her if you pick and choose when to answer.

Even though she answers every fucking time.

You don’t care about her if you blow her off and cancel last minute like you do so often.

Even though she’s busier than you and doesn’t have the time.

She makes the time and that’s the difference.

You don’t care about her if you don’t appreciate the fact she’s included you in everything.

Even though the thought has never crossed your mind to invite her somewhere.

You don’t care about her if you are doing something kind to justify mistreatment later.

You don’t care about her if you are just using her.

Physically. If you can take her home and fuck her and leave the next day not feeling even a little bit guilty, you don’t care.

Because you know how she feels about you.

Emotionally. Don’t rely on her as some emotional pillar when things go wrong because when she needs you, you leave.

You don’t care if you’re making her some option when all she’s done is make you a priority and put you first.

Don’t keep hurting her and breaking her heart just because yours isn’t whole.

Don’t take everything she’s willing to give and walk away with it.

If you don’t actually care about her don’t touch her. Because everything about your touch leaves her tainted and empty.

If you don’t actually care don’t talk to her like your best friends then treat her badly.

You don’t get to have only an emotional relationship with her.

Don’t treat her like shit just because you know she won’t throw it back at you.

And don’t give her attitude like she’s the crazy one when she’s finally had enough.

When she gets frustrated and confused and starts a fight.

Don’t drop off the radar without explaining why then come waltzing back like it’s nothing.

Because it hurts like hell caring for someone who can’t make up their mind about where you stand.

If you are going to leave stay gone.

If you want to stay then put at least half amount of effort in a relationship with her you probably don’t deserve.

Because the moment she stops trying, this ends.

One day she’ll make the choice to stop caring.

And it’ll break her heart to walk away from you and choose to be strangers.

Because the task of unknowing someone who has touched your heart so deeply is impossible.

But she deserves a love that fills her.

She deserves someone who cares.

And if you can’t be that person let her find someone who can.

But keeping her in this limbo until you make up your indecisive mind of liking her one minute and hating her the next, it’s not fair.

She’s always deserved more than you. It’s just something both of you guys have yet to realize. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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