When She’s Got A Strong Heart, You Won’t Know When She’s Hurting


She is strong because she’s been weak.

Anyone who has been that strong can think back to a reel of moments where they completely broke down and fell apart. It’s the moments where they were on the bathroom floor in tears hitting rock bottom in black tears, they never want to live that again.

And she’s learned.

After moments like that, she has no other choice but to be more cautious when it comes to love. That’s why strong hearts are also the most guarded.

She doesn’t need you…

She learned long ago not to need people. She’s become the only person she does need and has few people she truly can count on.

…She wants you.

There is value in the girl with a strong heart choosing you. She’s painfully selective when comes to those she wants in her inner circle.

She won’t give up on you.

If you give her a reason to have faith in you, she’ll follow that. A girl with a strong heart will believe in you more than she believes in anyone.

You’re more afraid of her than she is of you.

She’s the girl you know might be good for her but there’s something intimidating about her in the way she carries herself. It’s easier to push her away than accept the amount of love she has to give.

She’ll look you in the eyes and lie.

And if you hurt her, she won’t talk about it. She won’t try and make you feel bad. She won’t have anything bad to say behind your back. She’ll still look at you with a smile and what will hurt more is knowing you might have hurt someone who would never do the same.

She’ll try and make you smile even if you’re hurting her.

The girl with a strong heart can look at the person who broke it in the eyes and still try and make them happier and make their life better. A girl with a strong heart is selfless and will always put others first. She knows when you care about someone, sometimes their happiness doesn’t include you and it’s okay.

You won’t see her cry.

It’ll be when she’s home alone, she allows every wall to come down in a flood of tears. She’ll cry herself to sleep, then she’ll wake up and be the that strong girl everyone knows and admires. She’s a little too good at being so strong. It’s those battles you don’t know she fights is what makes her beautiful.

She’ll give her undivided attention even when you don’t.

Girls with strong hearts don’t treat people they way they are treated. They treat people how they want to be treated. And you may call her weak for tolerating the unkindness and disrespect that people show her but she knows how someone treats her isn’t a reflection of her but rather a reflection of the person.

She’ll always be brutally honest.

She’ll tell you everything straight up. She won’t hold back. Even when something hurts she’ll be the one to say it. She knows it hurts more to be comforted with bullshit and be hurt with the truth.

She’ll understand even if she doesn’t like the outcome.

If you hurt her, she’ll put her feelings aside. She’ll try and understand. She’ll even try and be there for you. She gets it. If there is one thing a girl with a strong heart understands it’s pain and knowing sometimes things don’t work out. And she has no hard feelings about it.

You won’t change her.

She might love too loudly and live too boldly but no matter who hurts her or how bad she doesn’t turn cold or stop believing love won’t be hers to have one day.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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