And If You Let Me, I’ll Love You At Your Worst

Brandon Woelfel

Maybe you aren’t everything I think you are.

At least that’s what people tell me. They see everything you’ve done wrong. Every mistake you’ve made. Every moment you let me down. And I’m not blind to it. I’m not naive. Because I know you have flaws.

And the truth is as I get to know you more I see more clearly that you aren’t some perfect person I thought you were when we first met.

The truth is as you get to know people more you begin to see everything a little closer. Skin that might look perfect from afar, you might not notice has a scar with a story of how it got there. And that’s the beautiful thing about people, there is always more than that which scratches the surface.

And I enjoy learning everything about you. Even the bad stuff.

Because the truth is even with the flaws that prevail I still see everything good about you.

Even with every mistake you’ve made and stories of your past of things you can’t forgive yourself for, I look at it as something beautiful. Because all of it made you into the person you are today.

So if you’d let me I’d like to love you at your worst.

I’ll love you in those moments where you aren’t quite yourself and you don’t like the person looking back at you.

I’ll be there to remind who you are at your best and who it is you make me.

I’ll love you during those nights you’re a little too tired and you look a little exhausted from a long day and you don’t know how you’re going to wake up and do it again tomorrow.

I’ll be there to remind you I’m proud of you and everything you do.

I’ll love you when you’re angry, even though it’s a side very few people see.

I won’t try and fix it, I’ll just love you the best I know how to.

I’ll love you in your absence in the moments I wish you were standing beside me. I’ll understand that sometimes you can’t be and I will never hold it against you. Because I entered your life knowing very well there are things I’d come second to.

But the thing is with you, the juice is completely worth the squeeze.

Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing or whoever I’m with, in those moments we can’t be together, my heart is yours to have.

I’ll love in those moments you’re putting on some act to appease people and with one look across the room, I’ll know something is up.

I won’t ask what or press you for details but I’ll love you and listen when you’re ready to talk.

I’ll love you when you push me away and tell me you’re better off alone.

Because I won’t believe that for even a second. But what I do believe in is you and us and the person you make me and the way you make me feel standing beside you. That’s enough for me.

I’ll love you for the past you can’t seem to accept because when I look at you I see a future in your eyes looking back at me.

I’ll love you when you’re stressed and overwhelmed.

And I’ll do anything to try and help you even if there’s nothing I can do, may you find comfort in company and in knowing we are in this together.

As long as you continue to choose me every day, I’ll always be yours.

And if you let me I’ll love you through those tears I know you think you’re too strong to cry.

I’ll wipe them thinking nothing less of you.

I’ll love you in those moments you become that drunk version of yourself and if I have to I’ll let you be. I’ll let you have your nights as long as it’s me you wake up to in the morning.

I’ll love you through the confusion life throws at you and the moments you don’t understand. I’ll remind you it’s okay to feel that way.

I’ll love you when you want to change something big about your life. Go somewhere. Do something.

Because I’ve always believed in you. And I truly believe you can do anything.

You’ll always have someone in your corner.

In those moments where you hate yourself, I promise you I never will.

If ever you should let me, know I’ll always love you at your worst.

Because you at your worst is better than people’s best.

And if you let me I’ll love you with everything I have in me.

Because the honest truth is yes you have flaws but there is nothing I would ever change about you.

Everything you are, makes me so proud of who I am. Proud to be someone who is worthy of standing beside you. Someone who loves themselves a little more for the love and attention you’ve shown me.

And maybe you aren’t everything I think you are. Maybe you’re more than anything I could have expected in a person, everything I’ve ever wanted but couldn’t put into words. Everything I couldn’t even dream of because it wasn’t until you came did I realize someone could fill my life and heart, the way you have.

And if ever I’m so privileged and you should let me, I’ll love you forever and always.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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