80 Thoughts Every Person With Anxiety Has On a Regular Basis



1. Have I worded this text correctly?
*Re-reads text.*

2. What is the proper emoji? And are exclamation points too eager?
*Re-reads text again.*

3. Do I send it?
*Sends it.*
*Re-reads text after sending it.*

4. Why are they taking so long to answer?
*Re-reads text.*

5. How long has it been?
*Looks at the time.*

6. Maybe they don’t have their phone on them?

7. I wonder if they took this the wrong way?

8. Do I send another text?

9. Are they mad?

10. Maybe they are mad about something else?
*Thinks back…*
*Completely makes up the situation.*


*Sees someone I had a falling out in the past with.* 
11. Do I say something?

12. I wonder if they’ve forgiven me?

13. I haven’t even forgiven myself for it.

14. I hope they aren’t still mad.

Every situation

15. Am I overthinking this?

16. Or are my analytical skills so spot on I’m right?

17. Am I going to lose my friends and/or relationship over this?

General worries

18. Did I turn off the stove?

19. Did I lock the door?

20. Turn around to double check.

In School

21. I have so much to do I haven’t even started yet.
*Cries because of how overwhelmed I feel.*

22. Did I prepare enough for this?

23. I need to get an A.

24. I should have prepared more.

25. What if I fail?

26. What will happen then?


*Says yes to everything, bites off more than I can chew.*

27. Will I get everything done?

28. Will I let people down?

29. Can I do this?

In the Workplace

30. Am I pulling my weight?

31. Can I do more?

32. Do my co-workers like me?

33. I hope they like me.

34. Did I mess up?

35. Will this get me fired?

Social Media

*Sends Snapchat*
*Sends Snap Message*
*Likes something on Facebook*
*Likes something on Instagram*
*Tags someone on Instagram*
*Sends a message on Facebook*
*Comments on a photo*
*Read Receipt = Worst Nightmare*
*Using Dating Apps*

Who is going to be the first to say something and will they answer?

*Regrets every form of contact that isn’t reciprocated.*
All leads to overthinking everything and wonder if it’s something more.*

Going to bed.

*Doesn’t sleep.*

36. What is on tomorrow’s to-do list and schedule?

37. Will there be enough time?

*Worries too much about the future.*

*Thinks too much about the past.*
*Thinks about mistakes.*
*Beats myself up over the things and people I might’ve wronged.*
*Constantly worries about people leaving.*

38. I can’t go to sleep!

39. I’m exhausted it’s 3 am.
*Finally falls asleep.*
*Wakes up tired a few hours later.*

Meeting someone new

40. Should I just turn the other way and end this before it begins?

41. Can I send the first text?

42. Am I coming on too strong?

43. Am I caring too much?

44. Should I apologize for X?

45. Will they cancel?

46. I wonder what they really think of me?

47. I wonder if I’ll mess this up?
*Replays old relationships fearing history repeating itself.*

Dating and relationships

48. Are they cheating?

49. Who are they talking to?

50. Is it an ex?

51. Will this end?

52. Will I get hurt?

53. I know this situation is nothing but it’s still upsetting me.

54. Will they think I’m crazy if I tell them what I’m worried about?

55. I’m afraid to open up to them.

56. Being vulnerable is a sign of weakness.

At a party

57. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now with this crowd.
*Watches everyone very closely, observing.*
*Looks for someone to talk to.*

58. I wonder if people realize how uncomfortable I am?

59. I wonder if people even want me here?
*Drinks entirely too quickly*
*Starts to feel more comfortable.*
*Starts talking to everyone.*
*Keeps drinking.*
*Wakes up the next day regretting it.*

60. Did I make an ass of myself last night?

61. Did I offend anyone?

62. Should I apologize?

63. Do they hate me for this?
*Calls someone to apologize.*


64. Why haven’t I heard from so and so in a while?

65. I wonder if they’re mad at me.
*Values current friends more than they know.*
*Tells exact details of something that happened.*
*Analyzes every possible angle and draws different conclusions.*
*Friends reply with, ‘you’re thinking too much.’*
*Counts blessings for friends who haven’t left.*
*Says thank you too often.*
*Shows appreciation through gestures.*


66. They accept me but I know they worry about me more than I worry about everything.

67. I hate disappointing them.

68. I don’t feel good enough sometimes.
*Compares self to siblings.*

69. Can I do more or be more successful?

70. If something happened to them I don’t know what I’d do.
*Thinks about worst case scenario and almost breaks down.*

Running late

*Hits every red light*
*Curses at self.*

71. I should have left earlier.

72. I should have gotten up earlier.

73. I hate being late.
*Checks clock every five minutes.*

When anything goes wrong

*Breaks down in private, completely falling apart over something outside my control.*

Every day

74. I hate that I’m like this.

75. I wish I could think less.

76. I wish I cared less.

77. I wish my mind would slow down.

78. I wish I’d stop worrying.

79. But this is who I am.

80. I have to accept this.
*Goes to sleep.*
*Does it all again tomorrow.* 
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