15 Things To Know Before Dating A Strong Girl Who Is Used To Being Alone


1. She’s strong….

You might even be intimidated by her a bit.

2. Because she’s been weak in the past.

If there’s one thing her past has taught her, it’s she’ll never again let someone treat her badly or knock her without getting up and fighting.

3. She doesn’t need you…

She might come across like she doesn’t need anyone and she might push you away, the truth is the only person she’s learned she can rely on is herself.

4. But she wants you.

Consider it a compliment if a strong girl likes you, she’s selective in who she chooses because she knows what she deserves and doesn’t settle.

5. She wants to trust you…

Strong girls are ones who were built from the bad things that have happened in the past. She wants to believe you have good intentions.

6. But she trusts herself more.

But she’ll always be skeptical until you prove yourself.

7. She’ll hate herself for breaking down…

If there’s one thing she’s good at is hiding moments of weakness. But in time, you’ll see her fall a bit. When she’s in tears crying it will be then you have to hold her and be her strength.

8. But you’ll love her more for it.

She looks at herself as weak in those moments and will apologize. But you’ll look at her as human and fall in love with her.

9. She’s driven…

She’s always been someone career and goal oriented and often puts those things before relationships.

10. And will motivate you…

She’ll make you want to do more and be a better version of yourself. She’ll make you want to be the best man you can be because you’re standing next to her.

11. She believes in herself…

She doesn’t take no for an answer. When it comes to achieving things, she’ll always find a way.

12. And she’ll believe in you.

Even if she’s the only one in your corner, if you tell her you want to do something, she’ll help you get there. That’ll be important later when the big things come along and you want to take risks. She’ll have your back and will always be loyal.

13. She’s not looking for you to have it all together…

It’s okay if you’re still figuring out your life and what you want. Chances are she’s figuring it out also.

14. She’s willing to be a part of your struggle…

If there’s one thing strong girls know about are success stories first start with failing.

15. So you come out together on top.

Building a successful life together and loving the person next to you is her main goal in all of this.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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