This Is Why The Strongest Girls Always Get Hurt The Worst


Because she is more confident than most.

Everyone thinks girls who get hurt are the insecure ones. But the truth is the girls who get hurt more are the ones confident enough to take chances to get the love they deserve. It’s a confidence in who she is as a person.

It’s not a confidence that comes with in comparing yourself to others but comparing yourself to the person you were the day before. She knows girls compete with each other and women compete with themselves to improve.

She’s humble enough to know she has flaws and works on them but she doesn’t allow those flaws to overshadow her good qualities.

Because she’s authentic.

Strong girls are the ones who are authentic. They beat to their own drum and do things according to their own agenda. She’s the type of girl who isn’t afraid to be different and embraces it entirely.

Because she refuses to apologize for who she is.

Strong girls will be the first to admit when they are wrong but they will never apologize for who they are, no matter how many times they are met with rejection. Not only is she incapable of being someone she isn’t she doesn’t want to be.

Because she won’t settle.

Strong girls get hurt more because they expect more out of people. Their standards are high because they treat people the way they expect to be treated. They are willing to do a lot for those they care for. But they know when to stop trying also. They walk away when they’ve had enough and feel like they aren’t getting what they deserve. But it hurts them to give up on anyone.

Because she isn’t afraid to love with all of her heart.

Regardless of how many times they’ve gotten hurt they love people with everything they have in them. It takes a really strong girl to believe in love when she’s only known heartbreak. But she never loses faith that it won’t be hers to have one day.

Because she doesn’t fear heartbreak.

Strong girls have been hurt so many times it’s almost like it doesn’t faze them anymore. They know how to function with heartbreak and disappointment without letting it impact them. Strong girls know there hasn’t ever been heartbreak that has ruined them. There are some that have come close but they know what they are capable of getting through. And honestly, they’d rather get hurt than not take a chance at something that could be great.

Because she won’t treat you the way you deserve.

Strong girls get hurt more because they refuse to treat people the way others treat them. That’s why they’ll answer every text even when you haven’t. They’ll take every call even if you put their call right to voicemail. They give you attention even when you ignore them. They show they care even when you don’t. The honest truth is they will never treat someone the way people have treated them. They make the choice to be the exception.

Because she won’t play games.

Strong girls say things like it is. They won’t aren’t afraid of being blunt and they aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve. And that’s completely frowned upon today. Everyone tells us we need to be coy with what we like and when to answer. She doesn’t do that.

You look at her and you’re going to know what she’s thinking and feeling. And you’ll either see the worth in someone like that or you’ll be the one that hurts her and lives to regret it. Because the only thing worse than regret is looking at someone who you know you’ve fucked with and they look at you still being exactly the same. There is nothing that feels worse than hurting someone who no matter what you say or do they don’t reciprocate it unkindly.

Because she won’t hold grudges.

Strong girls forgive people a little too easily. They are queens of second, third, fourth and fifth chances. The truth is they give you a chance until you prove they were right about you. And a lot of times that’s why strong girls get hurt by the same people. It’s not that they are being naive or stupid they just believe in the good of people forgiving them too easily for the bad.

Because she knows her worth.

There’s a bit of frustration that comes in being a strong girl that gets hurt often. Because a lot of people love and adore you. There is a lot of people who you know are interested in you. But a lot of them are fumbling and twiddling their thumbs unsure of how to even approach someone like you.

Because she knows she doesn’t need a relationship.

Strong girls are really good at being alone. They don’t let a relationship status define their self-worth. Instead the time they could spend on relationships, they are investing in themselves and their close friends and family. A relationship isn’t their priority. It takes a really rare person to keep up with that. But the thing about strong girls is once they are off the market, it’s only then a lot of people realize what they could have had. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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