To Every Person Who Feels Lost And On The Wrong Path, Read This


So you feel a little lost right now? Like the path you’ve chosen or the path someone else has chosen for you isn’t the one you want to continue walking down. But you’re doing it because it’s the only thing you know. You’re doing it because you’re afraid of the unfamiliar. You’re conflicted between staying on this path, where you’ve succeeded and going down another you could potentially fail. So you stay put.

But there’s that feeling inside you and you know something is off. And what you’re feeling is the want and need for change.

Change is scary. We resist it. We cling to the familiar.

But constant change is what keeps us happy and not bored with our lives.

Life shouldn’t be boring. You should wake up every day looking forward to what is ahead of you and not dreading it.

You’ve grown comfortable with where you are right now but the thing about people is we need to be challenged and pushed and motivated. If we’re in an environment that is stunting our growth, then we need to find somewhere else.

Mr. Feeny: “See that flower? That flower was in a small pot in my living room but it outgrew its surroundings so I transplanted it here in the garden. Now when I pulled the flower out of the small pot in my living room it resisted a little, it tried to hang on by its roots. I had to force it out.”

Cory: “Because you thought it would do better out here, in the world, right?”

Mr. Feeny: “No because I thought that if I left it there it would stop growing.”- Boy Meets World.

And it’s terrifying to walk away from what you know. It comes with a heavy heart the moment you realize that thing that used to make you so happy doesn’t fulfill you anymore like it used to. It’s heartbreaking to accept such things. And you think it’s your fault. You think you’re doing something wrong. You’re letting yourself down by giving up on this thing you worked so hard for. But sometimes you’ve done all you can. And that’s why you’re bored.

You’ve already amounted to your full potential in that area and it’s time you move on. Congratulations.

I know you don’t know what the next move should be or what step to take. But you know you have to take one.

I know you’re confused and hurting a bit, trying to find these answers. But the thing is your whole life will figure itself out and there are some answers you don’t need right now and other answers you gotta go find.

We all want to be happy and doing something we love. And sometimes the things we love change and that’s okay.

To get there again comes with risks and taking chances and doing something that will make you uncomfortable. Don’t ever become too comfortable with your life.

If you look back at your best moments in a highlight reel, I know it came with doing something that put you out of your comfort zone. Because the truth is it’s only when you take risks are you truly living your life to the greatest potential it can be.

When you look back at your life, make sure it’s you that made those choices and not someone else. Make sure you’d look back at a life you’d be proud of.

Don’t try and live a life to please others or make them happy or live up to their expectations of what you should be doing. The truth is no matter what choice you make or what direction you go, someone is always going to judge you and think you could be doing something differently. Silence those voices.
Silence the voice that is fear in your own head that is keeping you here in a place you aren’t happy. Start listening to your heart. You will never go wrong if you follow that.

Dig deep into your heart and ask yourself what do you truly want? Be brutally honest. Make that wish. Write it down. Look at it every single day. And believe that is can come true. And do everything you can to make that happen. But making those things happen comes with risks. And sometimes that risk of reaching for something new and unfamiliar can only be grasped if you let go of what you’re already holding onto.

And you might fall. You might fail. But I think if your heart is behind whatever chance you take it’s impossible to ever consider such things a failure or a mistake.

So if you’re lost or confused and not sure what your next step should be, just take a chance at doing something that will bring you closer to happiness. Even if it’s a little step.

That’s everyone’s prime objective is to achieve happiness and fulfillment. And sometimes people don’t go after such things because it’s scary and they are ‘okay’ with their life.

I never want to just be ‘okay’ with life.

Lately, I’ve begun to fear more than anything is that I’ve filled a life with days which might have led to success but not moments to remember. My greatest fear is realizing I’ve gone through the motions living but I’ve done nothing that has pushed to make me feel alive inside.

Don’t settle for an average life. You deserve so much more than that. And you’ll find it and when you do, you’ll know in your heart that’s exactly where you are supposed to be.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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