Dear Boys, The Moment She Realizes Her Worth You’re Screwed

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This is to you. That same boy that keeps her waiting by her phone. The same boy that somehow ruins every relationship she almost gets into. It’s like a bell goes off in your head when she’s about to be happy and with your sly words, you weasel your way back into her life and heart.

This is to you. The same boy who only ever thought of her as some booty call. The same boy that won’t commit or take her on a real date. The same boy who is only ever down for Netflix and Chill and has a favorite line of

‘I never got your text.’

This is to you. The same boy that belittles her and makes her feel bad about herself. The same boy who is the reason she cries herself to sleep. Maybe it makes you feel like a man. Maybe it boosts your own ego knowing someone loves you more than she loves herself. Maybe you like knowing someone will always answer regardless of the time, while you play a silly game of can I do better tonight?

This is to you. The same boy that leads her on. The same boy makes her fall for you when you know you aren’t going to catch her. The same boy that’ll go along with doing things couples do, only you’re

‘not the relationship type’

or has ‘trust issues’ because of an ex. The one who promises her one day. And she waits. And she’s kind and she believes every lie you tell her because she sees something her friends don’t.

This is to you. The same boy she tries so hard for. The same boy that won’t meet her halfway. The same boy who does things not out of kindness and caring but with motives of what can you gain?

This is to you. The boy that ghosted her for no other reason other than she cared too much. But you weren’t man enough to face her.

This is to you the same boy who spits the same lines to every girl he interacts with because of some void. The same boy who says all the right things but never follows through.

The same boy who uses social a pawn in his game.

This is to you. The boy who cheated and swore he wouldn’t do it again. The same boy who did. The one who tests her just to see how much he can get away with. And I’m sure she forgave you and gave you a chance you didn’t deserve because she’s a better person than you’ll ever be.

This is to you. The boy who needs control. The one who blames her for things going wrong. And she jumps through hoops trying to make it up to you. And I know you like seeing someone try that hard for you.

But one day that girl is going to realize her worth. She’ll fall out of this sick thing she thinks is ‘love’ and she’ll learn to love herself. One day she’s going to realize how beautiful and wonderful she is. She’ll realize what she has to offer is rare.

One day she’s going to walk away and never give you a second chance because she’ll know the right person only needs one.

One day she’ll look at you and laugh because she knew she settled and she’ll wonder why.

One day you’ll text her and she won’t answer. And it will irk the shit out of you trying to get her attention.

One day you’ll ask her on that date she always wanted and she’ll say no.

The thing about girls like this, the ones you deem as insecure and desperate and trying too hard, they’re the ones that change you. Because you’ll change the way you treat people after her.

One day you’ll regret everything and wish you could apologize.

One day you’ll have no other choice but to change into the man that she deserved the whole time because people won’t tolerate your old bullshit.

One day you’ll miss her. Her texts. Her attention. Her devotion. Her effort. You’ll miss having someone who cared. Because the cold reality is a lot of people are like you and don’t. And when you get a taste of your own medicine it’ll be so bitter.

One day you’ll see her out and you’re going to realize that person you looked past is even prettier now. One day you’re going to want her the same way she wanted you all that time.

One day she’ll walk by you not even noticing because she’ll be holding the hand of a man that adores her. Not a boy. And you’ll see her smiling bigger than she ever did with you.

The difference between the two of you is he only has ever dried her tears and never caused them. The difference between the two of you is he realizes he’s the lucky one.

But the main difference between the two of you is he didn’t need to treat her like shit to realize her value.

And on that day she’ll win.

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