14 Things All Healthy Couples Do

13. Choose good topics for date night.

Date night is a wonderful thing. You get dressed up (even if it’s just to go to Chili’s or Outback), do your hair; your man trims his beard, gels up his hair (in a good way) and looks so handsome in his leather jacket!

But once you sit down for food, what topic comes to mind? For all couples it’s different. However, I’ve interviewed couples who have had the same random topics: new shows to watch, gossip at work, gossip about friends, family issues, vacation ideas, and my own and favorite topic: cannibalism. Don’t ask me how we came to the topic because I have NO idea!

14. Make pillow talk.

I don’t mean the sort of intimate pillow talk for those with a dirty mind. (You know who you are!) I mean the conversations you share at the end of a long day when you lay down together. You ask how each other’s day was and how they’ve been feeling. And then you fall asleep in each other’s arms. TC mark

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