14 Things All Healthy Couples Do

7. Use the bathroom together.

This happens when one is in the shower and the other has got to go. I’ve met a lot of couples who simply don’t care and will look at each other, but it seems more of them have my situation to where the person in the shower turns away but will still talk with you.

There is the no taking of dumps in front of each other, however. That’s just a big NO.

8. Snuggle.

Guys, be honest: You like to snuggle with your girl as much as she enjoys it. And girls, let’s be honest: He can’t do it all night.

When you fall asleep while snuggling there is always a point in the night where he has either sneakily removed his arm or you both wake up and move at the same time; but when you’re rolled facing your sides, there’s usually a leg or two touching each other. This shows that they love you and love snuggling with you, but it just isn’t prudent for that night.

9. Pick where and what to eat together.

When our guy asks where and what we wanna eat, girls need to stop saying, “I don’t care” or (if options are given) “Either way is fine.” Your man KNOWS this is a lie! He will 70% of the time ALREADY know what you’ll pick, but on the off chance you’re having cravings, he won’t make the final decision. And when he says you will go to this place or that, this is your man picking somewhere JUST to see what your reaction will be.

If he loves you, he will easily pick up on your pattern of restaurant choosing.



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