16 Bisexual Women On What They Find Hottest About Each Sex


“There’s something about the way men and women smell that’s both completely different, but so fucking sexy. With men it’s more primal and natural, basically pure sex. With women it’s more intentional and fresh and something you want to wrap yourself up in. I can’t really describe it but damn…both send me spinning.” — Kiley, 24

“With girls I am primarily attracted to women of a similar build and size and what not. And not gonna lie there’s something really hot about the idea of getting someone off who is a lot like you. So with guys it’s totally opposite. There’s nothing about them that’s like me and exploring the unknown is incredibly enticing.” — Liza, 26

“Everyone says it but men are hard and chiseled and that roughness is very sexy. Women are soft and gentle and more tender, and it’s different but equally as sexy. There’s nothing really about them that’s alike which is what’s so fun about experimenting and being with both.” — Jenna, 23

“I’ve always been attracted to men and there’s not really a reason behind it – I just am. But with women they’re much more of a challenge. And I mean that both in ‘the chase’ kind of way and once you’re actually fucking them. So the idea that I can not only get a woman to want me but then get her off? It’s such a turn on.” — Zoe, 25

“Women are just gorgeous. They’re almost always going to be more aesthetically pleasing than a man will be. But there’s something about how a man can take control and be a ‘man’s man’ that still makes me weak in the knees.” — April, 23

“I love how delicate women are. I would never call a woman weak but there’s something inherently sensitive and almost fragile about a girl that just makes you want to take care of her. With men I get to completely let that go and be the one who is being taken care of. Love both scenarios.” — Carlie, 27

“I’ve been told I have a very masculine energy so with girls I get to be the pursuer and go after her. I get to make her feel chased and wanted and desired and that’s ridiculously hot. The anticipation that builds from that dynamic is insane. But with guys, it’s more of a battle. There’s kind of a power struggle. And while it can be frustrating, that’s still really fun and sexy. Both are a challenge, but in different ways.” — Ryanna, 24

“Two words: oral sex. Love to give it, love to get it. And it’s completely different depending on who I’m with.” — Meghan, 26

“I’ve only recently started dating girls so it’s still so new and exciting. Each time we go out as a couple or do things together (bother sex and otherwise) it’s fulfilling a fantasy. With boys I know exactly what I’m doing/getting so it’s more comfortable, more safe, more nostalgic in a way.” — Cristina, 22

“I think most girls (straight/bi/pan) can tell you that feeling the weight of a man on top of you is highkey one of the best feelings in the world. It’s super sexy. With women, that feeling isn’t there, but it’s replaced by this wanting to please her. Also SUPER sexy — especially when you do.” — Savannah, 25

“Girls just get you and that’s really nice and comforting. Guys (at least the good ones) want to TRY and get you which is really sweet. It’s a different kind of hotness, but neither is greater than the other.” — Tina, 28

“Guys truly never grow up. They find the same jokes funny whether they’re 6 or 36, they kick rocks when they walk, and they never seem to lose that playful energy. It’s honestly invigorating to be around. Girls want to take care of you. They have more of a maternal energy that comes naturally that makes you want to relax and melt into them.” — Jaimie, 26

“I like walking around a bar and knowing that no matter who it is, I can probably make them cum. Sorry not sorry – I’m kind of cocky.” — Lizzie, 27

“I like playing games and playing them with women is more fun because she’ll probably play it too and challenge me. With guys it’s not as hard, so the rewards come more quickly – if you catch my drift.” — Vivian, 23

“I get incredibly turned on by how different girls flirt versus how guys flirt. Girls are more tactical and precise. They do it with purpose. Guys are all guts and impulse. One makes me feel more mischievous and like I’m playing chess, the other is just super flattering and adorable.” — Hope, 25

“The sound they make when they orgasm is so different and so, so hot.I can’t really describe it but it’s crazy sexy.” — Lola, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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