How You Can Take Care Of Your Mind, Body, And Soul — Even When It’s Hard

Some nights I cry myself to sleep. I’m thinking of all the people, the ones who are hurting, the ones who are living in fear. I’m thinking of all the heroes putting their lives on the line, including my uncle and one of my best friends. I’m thinking of the people who are hanging on to a thread and the families who can’t get close enough to say goodbye, the lives lost and the families who are trying to cope. I’m thinking about when or if this will ever end, and how good it will feel when it’s safe enough to step outside and hug our loved ones again.

I’ve been following the stay-at-home order for 2 months now, and let me tell you: it’s been hard. The first month was the hardest. Unbearable, even.  Managing my anxiety on a normal basis is challenging enough, but with Coronavirus news, updates, and talk all over social media, I’m overwhelmed.

It wasn’t until recently that I started developing habits for myself every day to feel good, and let me tell you, it’s been working.

So if you’re also struggling a bit and looking to take care of your mental and physical health, especially during this time, here are some ideas:

Drink two cups of water when you first wake up.

This sounds lame, but it has truly changed both my body and mind immensely. With one cup of warm lemon water and a cup of water with two Nuun droplets, I feel unstoppable in the mornings–even before my coffee.

Nuun is a brand “dedicated to keeping you as hydrated as humanly possible” with their tablets that are full of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. I got a bundle of Nuun Vitamins, Nuun Immunity, and Nuun Rest tablets all in different flavors.

Along with dropping in the blueberry and pomegranate Vitamin tablet to a cup of water, I also drop in the orange citrus Immunity tablet–not only does this make the flavor pop with deliciousness, but I’m also getting my daily vitamins (A, C, D, E) and boosting my immune system with Vitamin C and Zinc at the same time. It tastes good and makes me feel good and that’s all I can ask for!

Chill out…with a cup of coffee.

Chill? With caffeine? That sounds counterproductive, I know, but I promise it’s a thing.

Now that we’re all home and having to brew our own coffee, I’ve been trying to make my morning cup of joe more exciting. So what do I do? No, not the coffee cream thing you see on Tik Tok. I add mushrooms.

I’ve been putting Peak and Valley Co‘s Balance My Stress Blend into my morning coffee almost every day. With super mushrooms (ah, see!), phytonutrient-dense herbs, and adaptogenic plants, it will help me “attain inner bliss”. It smells kind of like cocoa powder and adds a touch of creaminess to my coffee and oat milk concoction.

Sometimes when I’m doing work, I tend to chug down a cup of coffee without really appreciating it. I just want to go, go, go. With this balance blend powder, I’m able to be present and enjoy the taste more. It definitely makes me feel calmer in the morning and for that, I am grateful.

Read. Read. Read.

Before quarantine, I was a bookworm, always reading on subway rides and on cozy mornings in bed. Being stuck inside was a reason enough to keep reading the books on my list, but for whatever reason, I was struggling to. I just felt unmotivated. So I’m pushing myself to keep doing what I love to do. I’m pushing myself to get off of social media (I’m looking at you, Tik Tok) and to pick up the books I’ve been wanting to read.

So if you’re like me and you have a huge list of books you want to read or you’re someone who wants to read more, buy some books and get reading!

Move your body.

At the end of every day, I make a point to exercise. Whether if it’s a 30-minute ab workout or a 10-minute yoga and meditation session, I try and move my body. Not only am I moving my body because I sit at my kitchen table working and writing all day, but because I have goals for myself, for how I want to look and feel after this ends.

If you’re able to, go on a walk outside. Take your dog with you, if you have one. Wear a mask and keep your distance from people. Or if you prefer staying inside no matter what, try and move your body if you can: walk up and down the stairs a few times, follow along a YouTube workout video, hula hoop for a few hours because why not. 

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do (or not to do) to keep yourself sane while staying indoors – what matters is that you want to feel good and you’re wanting to do something about it. Take care of yourself. Find some peace, if you can, and know that this will all be over soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Kelly Peacock

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, avid coffee drinker, and music lover.