Let God Surprise You With His Perfect Timing

You wonder when life will look up for you, when you’ll step into the light and begin achieving your dreams. You wish you didn’t feel like you were falling so far behind in life and love, laboring away at an unfulfilling job, waiting for someone special to sweep you off your feet. But as you pray for new beginnings, remember that God has perfect timing.

God will wait for you to heal. He sees your deep pain, the scars you bear and the wounds you bind. He sees the heartache, the trauma, the despair that you can never seem to leave behind. But He also sees you moving forward, letting go of the ones who mistreated you, taming your anxieties, becoming more resilient day by day. And one day, when your mind is clearer and your heart is open, He’ll place undeniable opportunity and lasting love in your path because He knows you’ve taken the journey to healing.

God will surprise you. In the moments you cry to Him, praying that He’ll rescue you from your hardships, He’ll work quietly, changing the tides in ways unseen. He’ll help you in ways you may not fully understand until you’re healed, guiding you in a direction that will eventually improve your life. And one day, you’ll see your life tangibly change, realizing that every tear, heartbreak, and prayer led up to this moment with God’s divine timing. You may not see His work, but when you discover it, you’ll feel purely, giddily happy—a moment you’ll cherish forever.

God will make everything make sense. One day, you’ll see the beauty of His perfect timing, the reasons why you got your heart broken, the reasons why He saved such precious moments for later in your life. You’ll come to fully appreciate how He helped you grow in faith and love before he fulfilled your dreams, appreciating how the hardships you faced led you to your present happiness. And while you may not realize it now, in the depths of your pain, God is preparing for your miracle at the perfect time when you will appreciate it most.

You feel lost and heartbroken, praying fervently for God to hear you in your pain. But even though you might not see His work now, God sees you. And God will provide when you least expect it because even though you question His plan, He has perfect timing.

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