Be Patient With The Timing Of Your Life


Be patient with the timing of your life.

I know you have deadlines, due dates, and to do lists that have not been crossed off yet, but please, trust that everything will get done. And trust that this life was given to you, to not sprint towards the end, but rather, to enjoy the stroll. To enjoy and relish in each and every path.

Please, do not run through your life.

Give yourself time. Time to think. Time to observe. Time to notice the way the snow glistens when the sun shines down on each snowflake. Time to notice how even in the dead of winter, the sun rays can still warm up your skin. Time to see the beauty in everything, even when nature is frozen in time, and even when the trees are being weighed down by December’s frost.

Give yourself time. Because while you are busy running along without giving your life a second glance, you will miss the snow beginning to melt. You will miss the grass turning green again. And in it’s own time, nature will grow and start anew again.

Don’t miss out on the beauty in the little things. Don’t miss out when the flowers bloom again. 

You were not meant to go through life with worn out lungs, and over exhausted limbs. No, you were meant for something much greater. And in the way you fall in love, slowly, and patiently, you must live your life with that same amount of gratitude and patience to let life do everything in it’s own time.

Give yourself time to breathe. Time to sit. Time to close your eyes, and open them up and truly see. See the beauty in the broken branches, and cloudy sky. See the beauty in the sunshine that slowly melts the frozen ice away from the covered dirt. See the beauty in your timing.

And let yourself be.

Do not run. Do not over-exhaust your beating heart. Give yourself the patience that you so rightly deserve. And give yourself time to heal in the dead of winter. And let your life come in slow river currents instead of crashing waves.

Let your life be. Let your life slow down. Everything that you want will come when it needs to. And everything that will come your way, will happen when it is supposed to. Have faith in your timing. And have hope that there will always be a better tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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