God, Please Help Me Find The Way

God, Please Help Me Find The Way

I’m lost, directionless, and lonely, tossing and turning in my sleep, praying that You will pave the way for me to discover my purpose. God, as you guide me through the turbulent times, please help me find the way, the path to a happy, fulfilling life.

God, please shelter me through the storms. As the fog thickens and the sky grays, pull me into You, reminding me that by Your grace, I will survive. As the heavens open up, showering the world with light and shadow, reassure me that my struggles are temporary, that I will rediscover life’s beauty once more. As the gentle winds gust over, leaving the world shaking and swaying in their wake, let me take refuge in You, respite from the turmoil of earthly life.

God, please hold me through the pain. As I lie in bed, my heart heavy, my cheeks damp, embrace me in Your arms, reminding me of Your plan. As my heart breaks and my spirit numbs, fill me with Your hope, the faith that the hurt will soon subside. As I pray to You for brighter days, remind me of Your plan for me, the searing wounds that will soon blossom into plentiful pleasures.

God, please be my guiding light. As I lie in wait of direction, hoping that I will find my way, shine on me Your truth and wisdom. As I cry over prayers unanswered, illuminate my path, reassuring me that my present is not forever and my future is bountiful. As I wait for You to send me a sign of Your presence, navigate me through the darkness and bring me into the light, reminding me that in Your deep love for me, You will never leave my side.

I’m adrift in a sea of worries, fearful of the thoughts that race through my mind, disturbed by the solitude that enshrouds me. But as I pray to You, hoping for the answers that elude me, I know that you will help me find the way, the path to a fruitful, meaningful life.

Lives for red lipstick, high heels, 80’s pop, cats, and Oxford commas.

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