2018, Thank You For The Struggles

2018, Thank You For The Struggles

You’ve gifted us unquellable joy and unrelenting opportunity; fulfilling us, launching us towards our wildest dreams. You’ve imbued our lives with adventure; carrying us to faraway lands, sparking unforgettable memories of laughter and friendship.

But 2018, thank you for the struggles; the moments we nearly crack under the weight of life itself, seeking answers, awaiting rescue. They’ve transformed our fragile hearts into fortresses; forcing us to discover our internal strength, allowing us to stride into 2019 with poise and tenacity.

2018, thank you for the tears. They’ve fallen thick and hot against our skin; leaving us praying for the pain to subside as they cascade into a river below us. But every salty drop against our skin, every relentless headache has healed us; cleansing us of the wounds of the past, igniting the strength for us to step into a wondrous world of promise, light and love.

2018, thank you for the uncertainty. It’s haunted the serene chambers of our hearts and the vast reaches of our minds; leaving us imprisoned in ill-fated battles against our weary spirits. But every heart-pounding, heart-wrenching decision, every burning question without a resolution in sight has guided us, lighting the way to a hopeful, fulfilling future.

2018, thank you for the closed doors. They’ve slammed against us without remorse; leaving us floundering as we sob over opportunities escaped and words unspoken, prompting us to tearfully wonder if we will ever reach our dreams. But every heartbreaking rejection, every gutting failure has opened the heavens; paving the way for fate to clear away what’s not meant for us, steering us towards our wildest fantasies, opening our hearts to the opportunities that will leave us feeling that our spirits are finally whole again.

2018, thank you for the struggles. You’ve tested every iota of our internal strength; leaving us to rise from the ashes as we hold our embattled hearts in our hands. Thank you for the opportunity to glide into 2019 with grace, dignity, and resilience; prepared to willfully confront the trials that threaten to break us as we await the inevitable tribulations that will bloom from this new era. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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