To My Future Love: Thank You For The Lessons Along The Way

We haven’t yet met (or maybe, we have), but I want nothing more than to entrust you with my heart. You are love personified; patience, kindness, and unconditional support intertwined. Your passionate, unreserved adoration has shown me the love I truly deserve, so thank you for the lessons along the way.

Thank you for teaching me that love is patient. 

We are an ember gradually growing into a spark; a spark slowly rising into a flame. I waited intently for you to take the leap; to commit to me wholeheartedly, to love me fully. We may not have fallen together yet, but with the love we’ve built, carefully, diligently, brick by brick, we will never fall apart. You have shown me that true love is worth the journey, no matter how arduous the wait may seem.

Thank you for teaching me that love is kind.

Your tremendous kindness washes over me like the flow of a river; leaving me entranced by its grip on my heart. You exemplify care in everything you do; letting your soft heart melt into mine as you tell me you love me. When the tides rise too high and my heart’s on the brink of shattering, you never fail to shower me in sweet words; your genuine reassurances that all will be right. You have shown me that I deserve your tender affection, no matter how strongly the waves of life thrash against me.

Thank you for teaching me that love is supportive.

In this life, we are latched together, with no desire to break the powerful lock on our love. We walk through life as one; leaning on each other as we stumble, pulling each other back to safety when we fall. You build me up, even as you dismantle my towering walls with every word you speak. I lift your spirits; consoling you when the weight of life threatens to suffocate you, dousing the flames when the rising fire encircles you. You have shown me that love is holding each other at our lowest moments; sinking into each other on our darkest days, transforming our weaknesses into strengths to fight life’s battles together.

Thank you for teaching me that love is gentle.

Your love floats over me like a beautiful melody; creating an impeccable harmony with my soul, caressing every blemish on my heart, healing me with its powerful salve. Your words touch me softly, carefully, ridding me of heartache, restoring my mind to its fragile tranquility. You have shown me that love is graceful, peaceful, soft; that love is always strong enough to bind the wounds of lovers past, to kindle hope and healing.

Thank you for teaching me that love is accepting.

Your heart knows every mark on mine; every crack, every tear, every scar, and yet, you forever remain by my side. You love me through every crisis, every struggle, every obstacle; holding me eternally, vowing to never leave. You have seen me through my darkest storms, and I have guided you through yours; steadily, courageously committing to pulling each other to shore. You have shown me that love accepts every flaw and transforms every hardship into a bittersweet masterpiece; a melancholy, beautiful tangle of heartbreak and happiness.

We may have yet to meet; we may not have delved heart-first into each other yet, but my future love, you have enriched my mind and cleansed my scars. Thank you for giving me your heart to keep, showing me every day how I deserve to be loved, and teaching me to never settle for anything less than your beautiful soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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