This Is The Way A Strong Woman Loves

A strong woman loves like a gentle rain swirling into a hurricane. Her love is cautious as she fights to maintain her independence; reserved as she convinces herself that she doesn’t need a man in her life. But slowly and steadily, she lets herself fall into him, washing away her inhibitions, loving him fiercely.

A strong woman loves with steadfast reserve turned to unquellable passion. She wades into his life unafraid that he will break her but constantly wondering if she should embrace her ability to feel. His love for her strikes her in the center of her hardened heart, and she rapidly melts under its weight. As she plummets, courageously aware that there is nothing to cushion the pain, her strength manifests in her powerful, steady feelings for him.

A strong woman loves with an independent soul. She loves from a distance, relishing space, cherishing freedom. She adores him but does not need him, refusing to compromise on her dreams, insisting he pursue his. She longs not for her “other half,” but instead for the man whose heart complement hers, filling in the pulses her heart skips. When he is by her side, his presence warms her heart, but when she is apart from him, she refuses to allow thoughts of him to haunt her; consuming her thoughts, stifling her intelligence, squelching her ambition.

A strong woman loves as if her heart has never been broken. Even as she longs to sob over her long string of unrequited lovers, she loves fearlessly, as if the fractals of her heart that trail behind her remain as one. Her initial reluctance to give her heart away dissipates without a trace of struggle as she begins to love with indescribable power, regaining control over her heart’s destiny. Her undeniable strength grasps his soul, compelling him to never let her love leave the protective confines of his heart. Together; they fall, caressing each other as her strength buoys their love; fating them to remain as one forevermore.

A strong woman loves wholeheartedly; disregarding her broken past, but never neglecting her illustrious future. She loves passionately, refusing to allow him to consume her mind, taking hold of his soul. A strong woman loves fearlessly as her weathered heart softens; elevating her precious adoration with her lover as she steadfastly chooses her future with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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