Jenny Walser as Tori in 'Heartstopper'

‘Heartstopper’ Fans Celebrate Charlie’s Sister Tori Following Season 2 Release

Season 2 of Heartstopper dropped on Netflix on August 3, and viewers are already clamoring for more — especially for a future with more whip-smart lines from Tori (on top of the slightly judgmental, occasional side eye we love her for). Fans have taken to Twitter to draw attention to Charlie’s older sister’s best moments. 

That protective nature though…

She says it all with a single expression

She wears her love for Charlie on her sleeve

She put Nick’s jerky brother David in his place!

Jenny Walser perfectly captures her comic book counterpart

The looking on from afar with pure joy in her eyes…we’re not crying; you are!

She barely has any screen time, but she leaves a lasting impression

She’s so so comfortable in her skin, and just does what she wants!

Thank you, Tori (for everything)

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