Emilia Clarke in 'Secret Invasion'

Emilia Clarke Fans Respond to G’iah’s Scene-Stealing Moment in ‘Secret Invasion’ Finale

Emilia Clarke steals the show as G’iah in the ‘Secret Invasion’ series finale. See what MCU fans are saying about the show’s final moments.

Emilia Clarke portrays G’iah in Secret Invasion,  a character who — fighting against her moral conscious at the show’s onset — teams up with the rebel Skrulls to turn Earth into the Skrulls’ home and wipe out the human race in the process. Yet, she has a change of heart as the series progresses and becomes a double agent, following in her father’s footsteps on a life-preserving mission. 

Spoiler Warning for Secret Invasion season 1 finale 

In the final moments of Secret Invasion, G’iah and Gravik undergo a transformation that gives them the powers of all the strongest Avengers, and they fight to the death. G’iah emerges triumphant, leaving the rebel Skrulls’ leader Gravik with a hole in his midsection (thanks for the powers, Carol Danvers). Viewers have taken to Twitter to express how they feel about G’iah’s big moment and Emilia Clarke’s take on the character in the finale. 

How about that bad*ss superhero landing?

In mere minutes, G’iah becomes the most powerful MCU character

Something about Clarke just screams head woman in charge 

Well, Clark and Colman would make for an excellent pair in a spin-off series 

Not everyone was about it…

Did the series waste Clarke and Colman – holding on to too much for the final moments? 

The talented ensemble, Clarke included, carried the six-episode series

Did someone say G’iah for Young Avengers?

Emilia Clarke is Mother

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