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‘And Just Like That’ Fans Respond to the Season 2 Finale — Best and Worst Moments

And Just Like That Season 2 has come to a close with an episode so aptly titled “The Last Supper.” Carrie, with a Michelin Chef at the helm, hosts a goodbye-old-apartment dinner. All the main characters in the show come to dine as one. Resolutions are met. Emotional moments leave us in tears while humorous exchanges keep us grinning. Fans have taken to Twitter to reflect on their favorite (and least favorite) moments from the season 2 finale. 

Spoiler Warning for ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Finale

Samantha calls at last! 

The Steve and Miranda reconciliation had us in our feels

Carrie can’t wait five years for Aidan

Where was Steve at this fancy dinner?

Back to Cosmos…at last!

Miranda hasn’t exactly been our favorite character in this reboot….

Has ‘And Just Like That’ finally found its footing – with a boost from Samantha?

Has Che ever been funny?

More Samantha would have meant Seema AND Samantha scenes

Nya feeding Miranda to the wolves so she could flirt: epic

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