‘Loki’ Fans Respond to Bonkers Season 2, Episode 4 Ending

Season 2, episode 4 of ‘Loki’ left us with our jaws on the floor. What’s next?

Season 2 of Loki has been a time-traveling, globe-spanning journey thus far — with our primary protagonists on a mission to save the many timelines whose very existences hang in the balance. 

Spoiler Warning for ‘Loki’ Season 2, Episode 4

At the end of Episode 4, Victor Timely AKA He Who Remains, tries to save the day. He suits up in the astronaut-like getup Mobius sported earlier in the series to take on the dangerous temporal radiation that exists outside the TVA. He must repair the loom — insert a bunch of sci-fi technical jargon here — and prevent the ominous “end.” He takes the risk because he understands the systems at play should something go wrong. 

The second he steps outside, he disintegrates into nothing, as a bright light out over yonder consumes the TVA —  seeming to suggest that all of our protagonists will be no more. Will they return to the void? Did we just watch the destruction of the TVA? What’s next for Loki? It was a cataclysmic shift within the series that has left fans dumbfounded. Viewers have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to express their thoughts surrounding the latest episode.

What did we just watch?!

A little humor helps ease the tension.

At least we got to watch the evil, conniving Miss Minutes face her demise…

What is it with MCU shows and the fourth episode?

It got dark for Marvel…

Memes await us

Look at mom and pops scream together…so romantic

The show is coming full circle (literally)

‘Loki’ season 2, episode 4 takes the gold

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