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‘Never Have I Ever’ Fans Weigh In on Who Devi Should’ve Ended Up With

Did Devi end up with the right romantic interest at the end of ‘Never Have I Ever?’ Fans have some complaints.

Devi has had two primary love interests throughout most of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever — the heartthrob Paxton and her enemy-turned-lover, fellow scholar Ben. In season four, bad boy Ethan (Michael Cimino) enters the fray. Throughout the final season, several narratives unwind simultaneously, leaving Devi’s love life up in the air until the very end. 

Spoiler Warning for Never Have I Ever

In the final moments of Never Have I Ever, Ben travels back to San Fernando Valley from New York City to tell Devi he’s in love with her — in serendipitous rom-com fashion. The two decide to enter a relationship. Considering Ben will be in New York at Columbia and Devi in New Jersey at Princeton, it should be doable. However, many viewers have been on Team Paxton since the start and have some logical arguments as to why. Were Paxton and Devi the better endgame? Did the writers make the wrong choice? 

How dare the writers tease us

The passion between Devi and Paxton still burns

Daxton will always have our hearts

The actress behind Devi, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, once said she is Team Paxton

Did Paxton treat Devi better than Ben?

Just imagine another season — one in which Daxton is the endgame

Paxton will always love Devi

Ben has his fair share of haters

When you think about it, Devi choosing Ben was a predictable conclusion

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