Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do To Create Chemistry With Someone (Without Using Any Words)

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What does it take to create powerful chemistry between a man and a woman? And not just any chemistry but strong chemistry? The chemistry that will make them fall in love with you?

All of us are aware of the importance of body language when it comes to creating chemistry with someone we like.

And upon considering all of the various body language methods out there to attract the person we like, perhaps the most crucial of all is eye contact.

Now, you will read many articles about how important it is to make good eye-contact with the person you like and so on. This article is different though. In this article I’m not just going to tell you to make good eye-contact with the person …but I’m going to show you a little trick that will allow you to magnify the power of making good eye-contact 10 FOLD.

You won’t find this trick online, in the bookstores, or from aspiring pickup artists. Trust me!

It is a trick that I discovered myself. By pure accident. And it is capable of creating the type of chemistry between two people that will in time lead to love.

The First Time I Discovered this Chemistry Building Strategy

Several years ago, there was this girl in my hometown. We always talked whenever we met and we had a great time. Something drew me to this girl like none of the girls in town.

Why was this happening? What was so special about her?

Do you think it was love? Do you think it was destiny? NO! Just keep on reading …

Over time, we started dating. But our relationship did not turn out as I expected. For the two of us, it just kind of died down. What I initially perceived to be a promising relationship just fell apart like a cheap unicycle.

So, why had I been drawn to this particular girl …just for our relationship to fall apart so easily? BANG! Then it hit me and I realized why I had been drawn to this girl in the first place.

Lingering Eye Contact

Even though she was good looking, charming, and amiable …she was a bit SLOW. Slow, as in, not very bright.

But it wasn’t that in and of itself that drew me to her. It was a by-product of this slowness that tricked me into having feelings for her and wanting to go out with her.

When I would say something to this particular girl, it used to take a while for her brain to compute what I had just said. From the time I had finished speaking, to the time she would figure out what I was saying …there was a pause of about 1 to 2 seconds. During this pause, her eyes would often linger at me in silence before she would respond to my question.

My subconscious mind interpreted this innocuous gaze as her way of trying to establish an emotional connection with me. In short – creating chemistry. And strong chemistry at that.

This, of course, was not what she was trying to do, but my subconscious was tricked by it …and then, in turn, my subconscious tricked me into developing feelings for her in response to what my subconscious had interpreted as her way of trying to build a connection to me.

Basically, she accidentally created these personal and private moments between us from the time I would be done talking …to the time she would finally respond. Over the span of several weeks up to the time we started dating, these small successions of personal eye contact occasions resulted in me becoming emotionally attached to her.

And I only accidentally found out! Some of the finest discoveries in life were done by accident.

Alexander Fleming discovered the first ever antibiotic, Penicillin, in a petri dish he had already thrown out from his laboratory. And when Percy Spencer was trying to make a new and more efficient radar detection system, he ended up inventing the microwave open.

Even if my budding relationship with this girl died down after only several weeks of dating, the eye contact trick she was unconsciously doing was strong enough for us to begin a relationship together. And for a few individuals, if you are capable of starting a relationship with someone you like, it can often result in a relationship that does go somewhere. Often to marriage.

So, This is What You Must Do…

During the next occasion, you get the chance to talk to somebody you like, allow your eyes to linger on that person for a few seconds prior to making a reply. By doing that, you will make a special moment. A special moment that can only be felt by the both of you …and nobody else.

And its little private moments of chemistry, like these, that can ignite love in someone else for you.

It is during moments like this, that your subconscious can be programmed into thinking that you are gazing at “The One” and that destiny paved the way for the two of you to meet. When a person believes that a certain person is their ultimate destiny, love is never far away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

John Alex Clark is a Relationship & Life Coach. He is the founder of the website Relationship Psychology.

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