25 People Describe What They Love The Most About Their Bestie

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25 People Describe What They Love The Most About Their Bestie
Kristopher Roller

1. “You always, always, always push me to be a better person in every way.”

2. “Your continued loyalty, love, and support and the fact you are a strong independent woman who takes no crap from anyone.”

3. “Your crazy ass, optimism and always bringing out the best in everyone, especially me. Love love love.”

4. “Always there for me no matter what and loves me for who I am.”

5. “Supports me ALL THE WAY and sees me beyond my shortcomings.”

6. “I love that after 14 years of friendship and 10 years of best friendship, we still laugh uncontrollably almost every time we talk. I love that adulthood and distance hasn’t gotten in the way of our friendship, even though the daily phone calls don’t exist anymore. I love that you’re my soulmate in best friend form, and you know what I’m thinking before I even do most of the time. I love that even though we’re both married and moving on in our adult lives that we still have each other’s backs always.” 

7. “Who knew when we took our backpacks to Europe 31 years ago we would still be so close…and even though we live across the world from each other you can still make me laugh or feel better with just a couple words. How young and stupid we were? Now we are older and a little less stupid. So glad we are still ‘backpacking together’ through our lives.”

8. “It is your genuine, caring, and loving heart which makes me feel that you are not just a best friend, but also a sister. You know exactly how I feel ’bout my day in just a moment of silence. You keep on reminding me to pray harder and have faith in everything.”

9. “I can literally talk to her about anything, she has my back and will stand up for me no matter what, and can make me laugh hysterical even on the hardest days…Miss you xo.”

10. “I love that you balance me out and that you’re always there for the people around you. I also love how hard you work and that you’re muchtie and mostsauce.”

11. “Truly admirable concern and care for everyone. He would sacrifice his self for others.”

12. “A person without judgment. The person I would be open about anything and everything under the sun and would still be there for me no matter what. The most trusted one.

13. “Great listener and adviser. The most intellectual and logical person I know.”

14. “That we just click. We can go forever without talking and pick up right where we left off (but hate we live so far away).”

15. “You brought me closer to God & that we spend literally every day together & never get sick of it.”

16. “No matter how far apart we are, we remain best friends at heart. Just like the quote, ‘side by side or miles apart we are best friends connected by the heart.’”

17. “Throughout the past 30-something years she has always been there for me. Even if we stopped talking cuz life got busy we could always pick up where we left off and she has always supported my decisions both good and bad….and stupid.”

18. “Her huge heart and the fact that we can talk shit about people without even having to speak a word.”

19. “She understands how I feel and lets me vent without telling me I’m wrong even if I am. Great at giving me a different and logical point of view.”

20. “She is genuine, brutally honest, caring in a roundabout way, funny, cute, interesting, patient with me, my calm in the storm and the list goes on….”

21. “How strong you are & how you have never given up on me & have always stayed by my side thru everything. I love you so much, bestie.”

22. “I just remember when my mom was in the hospital and you dropped everything to be with me that first weekend. ”

23. “For taking my opinions seriously and supporting me as well in my life takes.”

24. “I love that moment. When you’re on a long car ride, or listening to music, or reading. And you completely zone out. You forget your troubles, and everyone around you. You’re focused on that one thing, and that one thing only. You’re content, and everything seems peaceful.”

25. “I love how whenever we are together, we are always laughing and down to have fun. I would not want to share these crazy adventures with anyone else.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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