15 People On Things They Find Sexy That Have Nothing To Do With Someone’s Looks

Found on AskReddit.

1. A girl who’s shy in public and dirty in private

“A chick that is really shy/quiet around people, but is really dirty-minded around you. That’s hot cause in a way only you know about that dark side. You know? nerd by day and giving Gianna Michaels type head by night.”

2. A man who can fix a car and then drink tea with me

“A man that is able to do anything that needs done like car work or straight physical labor but will also have a cup of hot tea with me. Not sticking to a stereotype manliness but can do what needs to be done. Also a want to learn how things work. That kind of curiosity is inspiring.”

3. Eyes that can’t hide joy

“Dancing eyes. I’m a sucker for eyes that can’t hide joy.”

4. Smart men

“Brains—smart men are like catnip to me.”

5. Dank memes

“Memes. It doesn’t matter what you look like, if your memes are dank, you are crazy hot. This applies to all races and religions, cultures, ethnicities, races, and species. Your outer appearance isn’t what’s important. It’s the dankness of your memes which defines who you are.”

7. A Southern drawl

“A Southern drawl. But maybe that’s just me…”

8. People who give a fuck

“Giving a fuck. If I find something cool and want to rant about it then if you ask questions and seem genuinely interested it’s a huge plus. That’s why I do the same. I had a girlfriend who was crazy into literature and writing techniques while I was crazy into things like space exploration and discoveries. I don’t particularly care about literature and she didn’t particularly care about space exploration and discoveries but if I brought up something cool that had happened in that field she could ask questions about it for an hour and develop great questions which would lead to great conversations. If she mentioned some awesome Shakespearean play she had just read and started talking about the imagery or whatever I could have an hour long conversation on that asking about things like how it impacted her view of other works/Shakespeare in general/etc. The ability to hold a meaningful conversation on something you don’t particularly like is one of the most attractive qualities in a lady. (On top of this, actually having interests worth having conversations about.)”

9. Good character and a playful sense of humor

“Someone who is brave enough to voice a dissenting opinion even if everyone else seems to disagree, to stand up to people who are bullying someone else, to be caring, “girly,” or weird even though he knows others will pick on him for it. I admire people who have a strong sense of morality but don’t try to force others to live according to what they consider right or wrong. People who are rational but sensitive to others’ feelings, like Atticus Finch or Fred Rogers. Good, solid character like that AND a witty, playful sense of humor is a rare but irresistible combo.”

10. Vitality

“Vitality. A sense that the person is more alive than most other people seem to be. Very attractive to be around.”

11. Confidence

“They usually don’t care what other people think about them and thus are 100% okay with being themselves.”

12. British accents

“A British accent.”

13. People who are totally themselves

“The ability to be totally yourself, and not feel required to ever hide that to make other people, while also being mature enough to realize that there is a time and place for everything, including being yourself.”

14. People who let me be totally myself

“Honesty, I want someone I can be myself around all the time and not have to lie to them to not hurt their feelings or fake smile and laugh at the stuff they say. I like when everything just comes naturally like something she says makes me laugh and smile for real or I actually care about what she has to say.”

15. People who are capable of apologizing

“Recognizing when they’ve displaced their anger onto me, and apologizing for it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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