I’m A Makeup Artist And Here Are 6 Beauty Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

I am pretty blind and when I am not wearing my contacts, I am rocking a pair of frames. For a long time, I hated wearing my glasses because I didn’t feel as sexy as I did with my contacts. And forget attempting makeup looks because let’s face it, glasses just ‘ruin’ the look. “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses,” as the saying goes. Or do they?

The trick to making your glasses look sexy when applying makeup is to play up your glasses. Don’t hide them! Don’t let your glasses be the reason you are insecure or feeling ‘less attractive’. They are your naughty librarian, fantasy kindergarten teacher, just plain I’m-too-sexy-for-my-frames best kept accessory.

Here are six tips on how to make your glasses the most stylish and chic accessory you own:

1. Concealer is your best friend. If you wear glasses, your glasses will cast a shadow below your eyes. If you already have naturally dark undereyes, your glasses tend to play them up more. So the key to make sure you conceal those under eyes well with a good concealer. I suggest MAC Studio Finish. It works wonders.

The key is to make sure your concealer is one shade lighter than your foundation. This will brighten the eye up. Then conceal under the eye creating sort of an upside-down triangle with the bottom of your eye as the base of the triangle and blend well. I prefer the beauty blender or a stipple brush, but you can also use a concealer brush to blend.

Tip: When using beauty blender, wet it first. The beauty blender expands, becomes easier to use, and blends your makeup into a flawless finish.

2. Liquid foundation is NOT your friend. It’s kind of like the evil step-sister trying to ruin your day. Any girl who has worn liquid foundation with her glasses knows all too well about those evil indentations left right on the top of her nose. When wearing your glasses, swap out your liquid foundation to a nice, powdery one. Using a powder brush, dip your brush into the powder, tap the excess off of the brush and apply evenly in circular motions around your entire face. Trust me, you will see a difference.

3. Your eyes are already in focus, so play them up. When you wear glasses, the more eye makeup you wear, the better it looks. Of course, it needs to be applied well and blended properly!

Take a look at the color of your eyes, as well as the color of your glasses. Go for bold, sexy looks with complementary colors that can play up the features of both your eyes and your glasses. For instance, gold tones and coppers complement blue eyes; pinks and plums complement green eyes; browns, gold, and greens look great with hazel eyes, and brown-eyed girls are the luckiest because you look great in basically any color (although purples are always extra pretty for you).
Try a smoky look or play up a cat eye. Your eyes will look extra sexy, and you will give of a sultry, mysterious look. That’s always a plus.

4. Don’t forget your brows. Sometimes those eyebrows get lost underneath a pair of bigger glasses, but other pairs really put those brows front and center. The last thing you want to do is ignore them, so make sure you pluck or wax, and add a little brow powder. I would go with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder or Kelly Baker Brows powder. These are my go-tos and I’m obsessed!

Using your brow powder, gently trace the natural shape of the bottom of your brow, then trace the shape of the upper arch. Then gently fill in the center of your brow. The bottom arc of your brow should be the darkest point, which will help add shape and definition.

5. Highlight and contour. Don’t forget to highlight and contour. This will frame your face and give you and extra pop.

Because you are using powder foundation, be sure to contour in powders as well. Do not contour using bronzers. Instead, find a contouring palette. It’s best to begin at your temple and create an inward 3 shape on each side, contouring your temples, cheekbones, and chin. Follow it up by contouring both sides of your nose.

Highlighter should be below your eyes, covering the same area as your concealer; down your ‘t-zone’, which is the center of your forehead between the temples and down your nose;, above your cupid’s bow (that little indent above your lip); and right above your chin.

6. Lastly, don’t leave out your lips! Go with a pretty nude to downplay those bright, bold eyes, or go daring and pick a bright red or hot pink, but don’t ignore that pout. Believe it or not, they can really complement a sexy set of frames. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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