How Each Zodiac Sign Acts On Vacation

How Each Zodiac Sign Acts On Vacation


You’re the adrenaline junkie. You can’t sit around on the beach, reading or tanning. You need to go parasailing, jump off cliffs, or swim with sharks to keep busy. Otherwise, you feel like the vacation was wasted.


You’re the planner. You have an itinerary with times and activities listed out. If anyone causes you to fall off schedule, you freak out. You want to make sure you have enough time for everything you want to do.


You’re the indecisive one. You let everyone else set the plans because you can’t figure out where you want to eat or what you want to do. You change your mind too many times because there are too many options.


You’re the caretaker of the group. You’re the one checking to make sure everyone has gone to the bathroom and applied sunscreen. You carry bandages and Advil in your bag (along with anything else others hand you). You make sure everyone is having a good time.

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You’re the photographer. You stop every few steps to snap pictures of landmarks, flowers, and yourself. You never leave vacation without a full camera roll.


You’re the workaholic. Even though you’re on vacation, you keep checking your emails and taking phone calls. You can’t stay away from work, even when you’re supposed to be having fun.


You’re the fashionista. Your suitcase is overflowing with cute outfits because you want to get amazing pictures of your vacation for a massive photo dump on Instagram.


You’re the social butterfly. You strike up conversations with complete strangers and talk to the waiters for much longer than necessary. You make friends around the world. You might not keep in touch with them once you’re home, but you add them on social media.


You’re the complainer. Even when you’re in the most beautiful places in the world, you find a reason to whine. Maybe it’s too hot or too cold. Maybe lines are too long. Maybe your phone is dying. But something is always wrong.


You’re the researcher. You want to know everything about the places you’re visiting. You’ll stop to read signs, pick up pamphlets, and Google fun facts about wherever you’re going. You always want to learn something new.


You’re the comfortable one. You don’t care whether you look like a tourist. You wear your most comfortable shoes, fanny packs, and floppy hats. You care more about being prepared than about looking cute.


You’re the lovebird. You engage in PDA with your partner without caring who’s watching. And if you’re single, you flirt with bartenders, waiters, and complete strangers. You’re bolder when you’re in a new place because you know you aren’t going to see anyone there again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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