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What is My Moon Sign? What it Means

Moon signs are associated with emotion. This is because the moon symbolizes passion, emotion, and change. Your moon sign is going to tell you how you act when you’re alone. It will also explain how you see yourself, and how you might change over the course of your life. The moon is also associated with femininity, so it shows how you mother yourself. Here is everything you need to know about your moon sign: 

What does your moon sign mean? 

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Your astrological signs are important. Your moon sign represents your emotions, feelings, intuition, and memories. It determines how you nurture others and how you deal with the maternal influences in your life. Meanwhile, your sun sign tells you how the rest of the world already views you. Although most horoscopes will give you information based on your sun sign, it’s still helpful to know your moon sign. It will help you learn more about your inner self.

If you feel like the qualities in your zodiac sign don’t fit you perfectly, take a look at the rest of your birth chart. You might relate to the qualities of another zodiac sign because of your moon placement. On the other hand, a certain quality might be enhanced if it appears in both your sun and moon signs.

How do your moon sign and sun sign differ?

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When someone asks you about your zodiac sign, they are normally referring to your sun sign. Your sun sign is determined by what position the sun was in during the day of your birth. It tells you your personality traits and what you want out of life. 

However, in order to calculate your moon sign, you need to complete your birth chart. In order to accomplish this, you need to know the time of your birth. You also need to know the place of your birth and the day of your birth.

Your moon sign is determined by the zodiac sign that the moon was passing through at the exact time of your birth. The approximate time of birth will help you determine your moon sign. However, you will find the most accurate answer if you use your exact time of birth.

How do your sun and moon signs work together?

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Your sun sign dictates your personality. Meanwhile, your moon sign represents your emotions and inner mood. If your sun and moon sign are the same, there won’t be any internal struggle between your conscious and unconscious needs.

If your moon and sun signs are similar, it will still be easy for you to satisfy all of your needs. You won’t have to focus your energy in too many directions. You will be able to deal with problems fairly easily. 

However, if your sun and moon signs are completely different, you will deal with a lot of internal conflict. The needs of your sun will pull you in a different direction than the needs of your moon. However, this could be a positive thing. It means you have a wide focus of energies. This will help you develop tools to deal with many issues. 

The Twelve Zodiac Signs And Their Traits:

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Astrology can tell you a lot about your emotional self. Here is a list of every moon sign and qualities they possess:

Aries Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Aries, you are aggressive, emotional, and impulsive. You become temperamental when you don’t get your way and are incredibly defensive. However, you know exactly what you want. You are a go-getter, and on your best days, you’re an excellent problem solver. You’re also a risk-taker who isn’t afraid of anything the world throws at you. 

Taurus Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Taurus, you are sensual, loyal, and graceful. You would never hurt the people you care about the most. Although you dislike change, you enjoy the simple things in life. You don’t take your blessings for granted. You’re happy with what you currently have, but your ultimate goal is to live a life of luxury.

Gemini Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Gemini, you are rational and emotionally intelligent. You’re also a skilled communicator. You always talk through problems in your relationship and try your best to work out whatever problems you face. You cannot keep quiet for long, but most people enjoy that about you.

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Cancer Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Cancer, you are nostalgic and empathetic. You care deeply about other people’s feelings and are able to see their point of view. You are deeply impacted by the energy in a room. However, you aren’t always open about your own feelings. You keep quiet to protect yourself. 

Leo Moon Sign

If your moon is in Leo, you are generous, warm, and affectionate. Although you love being the center of attention, you have a huge heart. You would do anything for the people you love. As long as you’re given enough attention and aren’t pushed to the background, you’ll be happy.

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Virgo Moon Sign

If your moon is in Virgo, you are patient, fair, and analytical. You have high standards and don’t understand why others act irrationally. When others dare to disrespect you, you aren’t going to take it. You’ll put them right in their place.

Libra Moon Sign

If your moon is in Libra, you are charming and compassionate. You believe everything should be fair and everyone should treat others as their equals. Although you have a big heart, you can be critical of the behavior you see. 

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Scorpio Moon Sign

If your moon sign is in Scorpio, you are fierce and fiery. You are terrified of getting hurt, so you rarely express your honest emotions. You only enter relationships and friendships once you’re positive you can trust someone. 

Sagittarius Moon Sign

If your moon is in Sagittarius, you are optimistic and adventurous. Although you try to see the best in people, you aren’t afraid to stick up for yourself. You will fight to protect yourself. 

Capricorn Moon Sign

If your moon is in Capricorn, you are patient and persistent. You care deeply about success, so you take life seriously. You’re always working toward a specific goal and rarely give yourself time to relax. You work harder than you play. 

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Aquarius Moon Sign

If your moon is in Aquarius, you are quirky and independent. You aren’t the most emotionally intelligent because you don’t understand the way others think. However, you always try your best to do the right thing. In fact, sometimes you think you’re better than others because you pride yourself on being nice.

Pisces Moon Sign

If your moon is in Pisces, you are creative and sentimental. You feel other people’s emotions deeply. When they are suffering, you are suffering. It’s hard for you to separate fiction from fantasy because you are a deeply spiritual person. You are commonly called an old soul.

How do you figure out your moon sign?

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Mercury and Venus move about one degree per day. Mars moves a little more than half of a degree per day. However, the moon moves faster than most planets, at about 13.5 degrees per day. This means it only spends two to three days in each sign. Since it moves quicker than most other planets spoken about in astrology, you need to use an online moon sign calculator to pinpoint its destination at the time of your birth.

What is a Lunar Return?

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Each sign takes up thirty degrees in the sky. That means, in addition to knowing your moon sign, you should learn the moon’s position in the sky during your birth. Every month, there is a certain day when the moon is in the exact spot it was in when you were born. This is known as your lunar return because it’s when the moon returns to the position when you were born. It’s important to tune in to how you’re feeling during this time. It can help you discover important knowledge about your inner self.

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