30 Small, Thoughtful Things Girls Want Their Boyfriends To Start Doing

30 Small, Thoughtful Things Girls Want Their Boyfriends To Start Doing

1. Introduce me to people immediately. It welcomes me into the conversation (no awkward standing around while they talk), lets people know we’re together, and is helpful because I can be shy/reserved.

2. Call me on the way home from work and ask, “Hey, do you need anything on my way?” It’s something so small, and the answer is almost always no. But it’s a huge gesture in the way of letting someone know you’re thinking about them, and thinking about meeting their needs, both material and emotional. Saving your partner five minutes because you offered to grab milk on the way home really can go a long way some days.

3. Have a bin in the bathroom. It’s just so, so much less embarrassing. If you really want to go the extra mile, keep a pack of pads or tampons in your bathroom.

4. Putting their phone away during quality time, especially at the beginning. It shows they’re focusing on you and the conversation/activity, and I think it’s the ultimate sign of effort.

5. I love random little gifts to know you are thinking about me. Nothing big, but a little note, a favorite candy bar, some flowers from the garden. They can go a long way.

6. Being ok with moments of solitude. There are some days where I just don’t want to talk or be affectionate but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you as a partner/friend/etc. Sometimes I need moments to care and focus on myself without feeling the burden of constant communication, but that doesn’t mean my love is immediately retracted along with my words.

7. This goes both ways, but not taking the small things for granted. A simple, “thank you for ____,” is enough. Yes, I was going to make dinner for both of us anyways, but it’s nice to hear a thank you. I worked hard cleaning, a little credit would be nice.

8. I love having a point of contact with my boyfriend (putting his hand on my leg, holding hands, putting my legs over his when sitting next to each other, etc). It keeps me grounded and gives me comfort when I need it.

9. What I love: a little massage while sitting in a chair: while doing chores, hobbies, before/after cooking, while chatting… whatever. Just that little gesture.

10. Just a hug… it’s so magical sometimes…

11. Goodnight/good morning texts.

12. Physical affection without a lead to sexual interaction. I just want to hold hands, be held, have my hair played with, etc.

13. Using my name when talking to me. I don’t know how to explain it but hearing the right person say my name gives me instant butterflies.

14. Send me a pic of something that made you think of me.

15. Kissing my hand. So underrated. Gives me jelly legs.

16. When my guy and I are watching something funny and it makes him laugh, he always looks over at me. It’s like he finds it hilarious and wants to make sure I’m enjoying myself too.

17. Any gesture of thoughtfulness… from a “thinking of you” text to an “I know these are your favorite” small gift.

18. Something my boyfriend does is the dishes or makes the bed. I’ll be at work and come home to things cleaned up.

19. I don’t care if it’s “a waste of money” because they’ll just die, but I want some GODDAMN FLOWERS. Just because you were thinking of me! Nothing huge, even a daisy you picked off the side of the road will do.

20. I think all guys should know the power of the wink. Winking is so attractive if it’s smooth enough.

21. Help around the house. My husband never looks sexier than when he’s vacuuming.

22. Head scratches when I’m laying down or sitting on the couch.

23. I love letters and notes. If I feel shitty I can just pick them up and remember the nice things he feels about me.

24. Text her 📻 when our first dance wedding song comes on the local radio station.

25. Tuck my hair behind my ear.

26. Compliment something other than your looks, like your intelligence or ability to do something.

27. I wish they’d tell me what shops or restaurants they like/recommend, and if said places have good point cards, membership perks, or email coupons, etc. That’s both useful and fun information and makes it easier to think of gifts for the guy in return since now I know more about where they prefer to shop or what their favorite restaurant is.

28. Hold open the door for me.

29. There’s nothing I find more attractive on a man than a genuine smile. I’ve more than once decided to go out with a guy based on their smile alone.

30. Listening.

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