11 Signs You’re Dating A Good Guy Who Respects You

11 Signs You’re Dating A Good Guy Who Respects You

1. He always listens when you speak. He doesn’t talk over you or ignore your ideas. He takes everything you say into account before coming to decisions. Basically, he regards your opinion highly. He loves your brain as much as your body.

2. He likes you exactly the way you are. He never shames you over your clothes or your weight or your exes. He never makes fun of your taste in music or movies or video games. He never makes you feel like you’re lesser than him. He treats you as an equal and a teammate, always.

3. He gives you the freedom to make your own choices. He doesn’t tell you who you’re allowed to hang out with on weekends or how much you’re allowed to drink. He trusts you not to cheat. He knows you have a good head on your shoulders and believes you aren’t going to hurt him.

4. He never talks shit about you to his friends. He’s proud to be seen with you. He doesn’t criticize you in front of his friends or family members. The only things he has to say about you are positive. And if anyone else has something negative to say, he’s going to defend you.

5. He hears you out, even when he’s angry. He doesn’t turn into a completely different person when he’s drunk or high or pissed off. He doesn’t scream or curse at you. He doesn’t say unforgivable things that he needs to apologize for in the morning. He treats you respectfully, even when you’re annoyed with each other.

6. He shows up on time. He doesn’t waste your time. He respects you enough to keep his promises. If he tells you he’s going to do something, then he follows through. He doesn’t lie about what he’s willing to do for you in order to win brownie points.

7. He remembers the little things. This means he’s paying attention when you’re talking. He’s not simply nodding along to your words without hearing them. He cares about you enough to remember the little things you’ve said, the things that you never even expected him to remember.

8. He tells you the truth, no matter what. He doesn’t try to get out of trouble by bending the truth and telling little white lies. He respects you enough to be honest with you. Even when it’s hard to hear, he’ll make sure you get the whole truth.

9. He stays loyal. He isn’t disrespecting you by going behind your back and cheating or flirting with other people. He’s only interested in you, and he makes sure the world knows it.

10. He ignores his phone when you’re around. He doesn’t have his head in his phone while you’re talking to him. He’s enjoying the moment, not trying to escape. He’s fully present whenever he’s on dates with you.

11. He answers your questions. Whether you’re asking about his feelings or his history, he is straight with you. He never dodges your questions or accuses you of being too nosy. He tells you whatever you want to know.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.