Cancer and Virgo: Friendship, Sex, and Love Compatibility

What would a relationship between Cancer and Virgo be like? Is this a perfect love match or a good friendship, or something that should be avoided at all costs? Let’s dive into what would happen if you put together the analytical and the emotional.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility


The Cancer Zodiac

Every zodiac sign has a planetary ruler, and Cancer is ruled by the moon. In astrology, the moon represents emotions, feelings, and instincts. This zodiac sign is often looked at as “crabby” because of their mood swings. Cancer is symbolized by a crab and “69.” This could either be depicted as crab claws or a woman’s breast, because Cancer is the sign of womanhood. Cancers are the caretakers of the zodiac, with their nurturing, sympathetic, compassionate nature. 

With their water element, Cancers are more submerged in their feelings than anyone else. They will go through waves of emotion, being caring and sympathetic at one point and manipulative and moody the next. They are also fantastic at absorbing others’ feelings, like a sponge, and making them their own. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means they are leaders…who lead with their emotions. They listen to their heart over their head and don’t always behave rationally.

Personality traits of a Cancer:

Cancers are highly intuitive, picking up on the energy in the room and the change in someone’s tone of voice. They’re empathetic, protective, and nurturing, which makes them wonderful friends! They will give advice, hugs, and encouragement to help people out of their darkest moments.

 Cancers aren’t a fan of direct conflict and confrontation, but they are masters of passive-aggressive behavior. They aren’t going to come right out and say what’s been bothering them, but you can definitely tell when they’re in a sour mood. They have frequent mood swings and tend to burrow in their manipulative, pessimistic nature at times.

A Cancer man is creative, sensitive, and compassionate. He wants to feel needed. He wants to share his life with someone special, and when he falls in love, he falls in love. Before a relationship, he will put up walls, but once he’s in it, he lets himself open up so much that his insecurities can pour out. A Cancer woman will want to make the first move, just because she is very romantic and ready to love. She also desires constant attention and validation, especially from a partner. She isn’t the type to play the field and wants someone to match her level of loyalty. She will always channel her motherly instincts, wanting to create a stable, loving home.

Cancer: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty. 

If your moon sign is in Cancer, you will find that you are a highly sensitive being who cries a lot. You tend to have a hard time moving on from bad things of the past — you forgive but you never forget. You are loyal and nurturing and like to keep people close.

If your Venus sign is in Cancer, you are cautious in love, but once you open up, you’re invested. You tend to feel a lot of emotions, so if you love someone, you really love someone. Although you are known as moody, most of the time you tend to turn your emotions inward because you don’t want to bother anyone. 

If your rising sign is in Cancer, you appear as someone who is empathetic and who puts others first. However, more than that, you are quite protective of your home. You want a place that belongs entirely to you and you will do whatever is possible in order to have that security and consistency.

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The Virgo Zodiac 

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of wisdom and communication. Virgos are efficient, reliable, good at communicating, and good at getting the job done. Although they can always see the potential in others, they can also be overcritical. They are picky, stubborn, and set in their ways. 

Virgo is symbolized by a virgin, or a woman, which represents fertility, harvest, and wisdom. The symbol looks like an “M” with a slight curve, which can symbolize the intestines. As the virgin symbol suggests, Virgos rarely engage in casual relationships. They are modest and want to develop a strong emotional connection and intimacy with a loyal partner.

This is a mutable sign, which means Virgos can go all over the place and tailor themselves to different situations in life with ease, as long as they can analyze the situation first. As an earth sign, Virgo is practical, grounded, and dependable. They will keep their guards high and have a hard time opening up at first, but once someone breaks through their walls, they are going to be a ride-or-die friend. 

Personality Traits of a Virgo

Virgos are known to be perfectionists. They set high standards for themselves and for others, so they tend to be very critical. They will judge others but will hate being judged. They can be flexible if they need to be, but don’t necessarily like to be. They try their hardest to look like they have their lives together and won’t necessarily like to sit back and relax and enjoy the show — they’d want to take over. They want to be someone their peers admire, not someone who is pitied.

A Virgo man is the type to settle down quickly, especially if his partner is loyal, willing to settle down, and is as organized as long as his partner is as organized and efficient as he is. He needs someone who will delve into in-depth conversations with him, who will bring new ideas to the table, and who will challenge him intellectually. A Virgo woman is intelligent, capable, and practical in love. You need to develop a deep, emotional connection with her before she will consider making you a permanent part of her life. She might seem like she gets upset over small things, but this is because she notices the little details. Don’t lie! Communication is key.

Virgo: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty.

If your moon is in Virgo, you’re passionate about people and things but will want to analyze it all to make sure it’s worth being invested in. You’ll break things down until you get to the good, useful stuff. You’re a loyal friend and a great team member who strives for balance, stability, and routine.

If your Venus is in Virgo, you are very nurturing and devoted in love. However, you’re not the best at showing you care–you’re not big on grand, romantic gestures. Instead, you’ll show your commitment and loyalty. If you nag your partner about something, that’s your way of caring about others and wanting the best for them. 

If your rising is in Virgo, you come across to people as an organized perfectionist. You’re hyper aware of your surroundings and the moves you make. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, your body will react accordingly–nerves, stomach ache (which makes sense because the Virgo symbol represents the intestines!) 

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Virgo and Cancer: Friendship Compatibility 

Both Virgo and Cancer are earnest and dedicated to their friendship. It’s a simple, yet, powerful bond between these two that grows together over time. Cancer and Virgo love security, comfort, and pleasure, so you’ll find them enjoying themselves the most when they’re doing something that benefits both of them.

Both Cancer and Virgo enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of life and will find it easy to work together to attain their common objectives. Cancer’s sensitive nature doesn’t do well with Virgo’s criticism. They will have to communicate through these issues, but this will be quite tricky because Cancer’s don’t like confrontation.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility: Love and Sex

Cancer and Virgo have a great connection between the heart and the mind. Both Cancer and Virgo love to learn from one another and their differences, just as much as they are open to letting the other in to see their true selves.

This is the kind of couple that might struggle to communicate from time to time, although one will be better at it than the other. Cancer will likely have a hard time confronting Virgo if the time comes, whereas communicating is a piece of cake for Virgo. Virgo will be rational and analytical but still nurturing, while Cancer will be emotional, loving, and will have unrealistic expectations.

Zodiac Compatibility With Cancer or Virgo

Zodiac Compatibility: Cancer 

If you’re a Cancer, you will be quite compatible with fellow water signs, or other earth signs, like Taurus. Taurus and Cancer have so much in common, both valuing home and family life, affection, and being nurtured. The only major “flaw” in the relationship is that both signs can get jealous and possessive easily. As for fellow water signs–Scorpio and Pisces–you’re both highly intuitive, empathetic, and loyal. You’re highly emotional and intense beings, so when it comes to sex, it works for you. You both know how to communicate without words, too.

If you’re a Cancer, you will not get along well with fire signs, especially Aries and Sagittarius. Aries and Cancer are just so different it’s painful to watch. Aries is unpredictable and exciting, but Cancers are unpredictably moody — the only way this could work out is if there’s empathy (ahem, Aries) and patience (ahem Cancer). Cancer also fears being abandoned while Aries just simply can’t be tied down As for Sagittarius, it will be quite challenging for these two to get along. Sagittarius is blunt and direct and Cancer is sensitive and emotional. Cancers don’t take love lightly, while Sagittarius has no problem jumping from one person to another. Don’t count on a strong emotional connection between these signs.

Zodiac Compatibility: Virgo

If you’re a Virgo, match with another earth sign, or water signs like Scorpio and Pisces. Pisces and Virgo will be initially drawn to one another, like yin and yang, with fantasy (Pisces) and practicality (Virgo). You two might struggle with communication at times, however, sex is so strong that it makes up for it. Overall, you can learn a lot from one another. As for Scorpio, you’ll admire their confidence and strength, which sits well with your reserved nature. You both value solitude and control and will find it easy to get along financially and in the bedroom.

If you’re a Virgo, you’ll notice that air signs — like Libra and Gemini — are not very good. Libra and Virgo aren’t the best pair simply because they both avoid confrontation…even though they’re both good at communication. If there’s any flaw in the relationship — Virgo wants perfection and productivity and Libra likes balance and relaxation — no one will address it. Gemini and Virgo are also great communicators, but that’s not enough to make a solid relationship. Gemini and Virgo both live inside their heads and won’t be on the same page when it comes to intimacy. Sex is strictly physical–it’s lacking emotion so much that it feels shallow, or empty.

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Cancer and Virgo: Relationship Compatibility With Cancer or Virgo 

Cancer man + Virgo woman

These two zodiac signs are made for each other! He’s adaptable and sympathetic, while she’s reliable and compassionate and with this, there’s a level of understanding. In this kind of Cancer and Virgo relationship, there are shared values. They also get along with his cardinal quality of leading (with emotions) and her mutable quality of adapting to new environments as long as it can be analyzed first. As long as he gets his mood swings under control, and she isn’t too critical of him, this is a prosperous relationship.

Virgo man + Cancer woman 

A relationship between this kind of Cancer and Virgo relationship will be a pretty great match. In fact, they will understand what it takes to become a perfect pair, with his stability and security and her sensuality and emotions. He recognizes her needs and can keep her safe, while she can provide respect and understanding for his hopes and dreams and feelings. They can learn and grow from one another and create a long-lasting bond.

Cancer’s compatibility with Cancer: 

No matter if it’s a Cancer man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman, a Cancer-Cancer relationship will likely be the kind that is emotional, empathetic, and intuitive. These signs are big family people, and each partner will understand that kind of family bond that can’t be broken. These two are emotionally strong, but not sexually strong. Nonetheless, they trust one another and talk about their feelings, hopes, and dreams often…but they just feed initiative and movement to make those dreams happen.

Virgo’s compatibility with a Virgo: 

No matter if it’s a Virgo man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman, a Virgo-Virgo relationship will have a sense of security, trust, and understanding. They’re not super strong in the bedroom, since they’re both so reserved sensually and sexually, but great at communicating and understanding that their criticism and need for perfection is an act of love.

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